Canvas Wall Tent - Fly Sheet 14’x16’

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Fly sheets are a must-have for outdoor activities and hunting trips for your Alpha Canvas Wall Tents especially in the winter for added protection in snow. They are used to protect the fabric if you are living in a canvas wall tent for an extended period of time to make a barrier against the Rain and Snow in Winter. Fly sheets protects the canvas roof of the wall tents from UV rays, dirt, snow accumulation and prevents any water leaks or rain water from entering through the side windows. It’s an added protection and will make your trip memorable by preventing any surprise leaks.

We strongly recommend to use the Fly Sheets for Winter Hunting and Camping in the Outdoors for your Alpha Canvas Wall Tents for added protection against Snow, to add a layer of protection. 

Canvas Wall Tents Fly Sheet 14’x16’

  • PE White 200 GSM
  • Length: 16’20”
  • Width: 14’
  • Guy points with metal triangular runner
  • V Peg for Guy Ropes
  • Comfort Packaging
  • Weight: 15 lbs.


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