Canvas Bell Tents

Our breathable and waterproof Avalon bell tent has all the features to make camping trips comfortable and fun....
Avalon Cotton Canvas bell tent series are designed to the highest standards of quality workmanship; available in two...
Canvas Bell tent measures in 3 meter (10ft) is the smallest of Regatta series, ideal for 3 glampers...
This 4 meter (13’1" diameter) bell tent is ideal for long term and commercial use; or for serious...
If you are a serious glamper, 5 meter size is the most popular among our Regatta bell tent...
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            Cotton Canvas Bell tents or Tipi Tents or Teepee Tents were first invented by military officer Henry Hopkins Sibley and patented in 1856. The first patented canvas bell tent predecessor was the Sibley tent used as a human shelter for inhabiting, traveling or leisure. The multiple sizes of canvas bell tents can be suited to their use or preference and most have a spacious interior, with room to sleep a number of people. Modern Canvas Bell Tents are a take on the traditional Sibley Bell Tent designs from the early part of the 19th Century.

            White Duck Outdoor's Regatta and Avalon Canvas Luxury Bell Tents are designed carefully to suit today’s camping and glamping needs as they have undergone many modern updates on the traditional Sibley tent, Tipi Tent, Yurt Tent and Teepee tent which allows it to offer luxurious qualities. It’s made from premium Cotton Double Fill “Army Duck Canvas” fabric using weightless WR (Water + Mildew) treatment and maintaining the natural breathability of 100% cotton using our proprietary brand of Cotton Canvas DYNAGUARD! Our cotton canvas bell tents are all about creating the perfect camping experience for you as we focus not just on the quality of material, but also the design.

            Breathable Cotton Canvas Bell Tents are suitable for multiple purposes i.e. Glamping, Luxury Camping, Family Camping, Safari Trips, Outfitter, Picnics, Outdoor Events, Parties, Festivals, Weddings, Outdoor Adventures and Activities.


            Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for detailed Do It Yourself and Review videos that will help you understand the unique features of our best bell tents for camping and glamping.

            White Duck Outdoors QUALITY GUARANTEE: We trust our products and provide 2 year workmanship warrant. We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with this product, if you are not, no questions asked product return or money back guarantee, allowing you to buy with confidence! However, we are quite sure that this bell tent will be your long term camping partner. Go ahead and place your order for the Cotton Canvas Bell Tents today. You can be a part of an exclusive experience that glampers from across the world truly love!


            Frequently Asked Questions:

            What is a bell tent?

            A bell tent is perhaps one of the most recognizable tent styles, featuring a central support pole to support the canvas, giving it a classic shape. The entrance is formed with an A-frame pole and its guy ropes provide stability

            What is the difference between Regatta and Avalon Bell Tent?

            Size Options: Regatta series comes in three different sizes; 3M (10’), 4M (13’1”) and 5M (16’5”) made from 100% Cotton Army Duck Canvas fabric. Whereas, Avalon Bell Tent is our premium bell tent range which has 2 size options available; 4M (13’1”) and 5M (16’5”). Except for Regatta 3M, all the bell tents are available with two fabric options; Water Repellent and Fire Water Repellent.

            Groundsheet: Regatta bell tents include detachable 16 oz. groundsheet with toggle and ring system.  Whereas, Avalon Bell Tents have detachable 16 oz. zip in/zip out groundsheet. Both types of groundsheets could be detached and walls can be rolled up.

            Frame: Both tents have a galvanized aluminum anodized center and entrance poles. The only difference is, Regatta series has an entrance pole while Avalon range has an A-Frame.

            Windows & Vents: Regatta bell tents have 2 Utility Pockets, 3 Roof Vents with Mesh and 3 windows while Avalon has 4 Utility Pockets, 4 Roof Vents with Mesh and total seven windows, four windows with heavy duty vinyl No-See-Um mesh to keep mosquitoes out and canvas flap for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, better ventilation and clear view. Other three windows (with no mesh) are used to attach a sleeping pod (not included with the tent) for additional capacity. Both series have bug mesh on doors and windows.

            Center Height:

            Regatta Bell Tents: 7'5"(3M), 8' (4M), 10' (5M)

            Avalon Bell Tents: 9'.1" (4M), 10'.5" (5M)

            Door Height:

            Regatta Bell Tents: 5' (3M), 6'2"(4M), 6'6" (5M)

            Avalon Bell Tents: 5'10" (4M), 6'6" (5M)

            Wall Height:

            Regatta bell tents have a wall tent of 2'7" or 80 cm whereas, Avalon bell tents features a 3’ wall which is an added advantage.

            Do they have a stove jack?

            Regatta & Avalon Bell Tents series include 5” oval heat/fire resistant silicon coated vinyl stove jack with a weather flap allowing for a 5” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof. It is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and to protect tent fabric from melting in direct contact with a hot stove pipe. Stove jacks are covered with a flap for when it’s not in use.

            How should I store my tent?

            Always pack your tent away bone dry and store in a dry, well ventilated and secure place. Please find further advice on caring for your canvas tent here.

            Can I use my Bell Tent as a permanent structure?

            Even though some people put up our tents long-term, we sell Bell Tents as camping accommodation, not permanent structures. For more info on this please refer to the professional and long-term use part of our Terms & Conditions page here.

            Can I fit a stove to my tent?

            Yes you can.

            Could this tent be used in colder weather? Modification to keep in heat out with mold

            Our bell tent can be placed in snow cold area. Since the tent comes with vent, so you can place a stove with chimney to keep warm inside. Our canvas is mold proof but it is better to keep it dry when folded it.

            Is my tent waterproof?

            Cotton canvas is a breathable fabric and might let some water seep in through and leak around the seams in the initial stage or when you use it for the first time, after the canvas has been wet once this will no longer happen because of the cotton expanding. We avoid waterproofing the tent as the fabric will lose its breathability. However, we have used breathable finish to attain water, mold and UV resistance on all of our canvas tents.

            Does it come with the roof fly and floor tarp?

            The zipped in floor comes with the tent, however, you do have to purchase an additional roof tarp or roof fly if you need.  

            Would this tent be rugged enough to be used as at a hunting camp with potential high winds, rain, and cold weather?

            Our bell tents can be used year-round, but not designed for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations. Our bell tent can be placed in snow cold area as it comes with vent, so you can place a stove with chimney to keep the temperature inside the tent warm. Our canvas is mold proof but it is imperative that you store or fold the tent bone dry or it will develop mold.

            Does bell tent come with a stove jack?

            Yes, all of our bell tents come with built-in 5” stock jack.

            What is more wind sturdy Family Explorer Tent or Bell Tent, do either of those products have an available rain/snow fly?

            It depends on your choice and type of camping trip, both the products are made up of same fabric; 10.10 Army duck 100% Cotton Canvas. Rain/Snow fly isn’t available with these products.

            Do you carry a breezeway which attaches over the door?

            Currently, we do not have a porch system for this tent, however, we are considering making pods for sleeping in it that could be attached for extra space. 

            Could the bell tent be set up year round without molding?

            The Bell tent has a water-resistant, mildew-resistant finish to it, although we can’t guarantee full protection. It depends on your usage and area where you have setup your tent/environment to know whether it would do well. Do check our Tent Maintenance page for more help.

            What is the foot print of the highest point?

             The slope is about 1/3 of the tent.

            How easy is it to set up a bell tent in a wooded campground?

            Our canvas bell tents could be setup easily by single person anywhere, please check out our tutorial page for more details.

            How much does it weigh? Can I carry that up the mountain if it's light weight?

            Our tents are made up of canvas fabric so they are not lightweight.

            How well do you back your products weather proofing?

            We use a very high-quality water repellency in our finishes similar to Surforger treatment which is popular in the camping world.

            Is the zipper to open the windows accessible from the inside? Are the side walls a true 36"?

            We have used top quality military grade YKK Zippers that are accessible from outside. Side walls are 3' in Avalon series whereas, 2'7" in Regatta Bell Tents range.

            Is it possible to have a stove jack installed in the roof of your bell tents? Does it come with a storm flap when stove is not used?

            It already has a built in 5" stock jack with a storm flap to cover it when it is not in use.