Wall Tent 10' x 12' Beige made from 100% Breathable Cotton Canvas Fabric w/ Water & Fire Repellent Treatment, Aluminium Frame, High Quality zippered doors & Stove Jack Hole ideal for Outdoors & Outfitters

    ALPHA 10'x12' WALL TENT

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    The Hunter’s Choice

    Standard Tent Includes:
    • Durable and breathable 100% cotton 10.10 oz. Army Duck Canvas
    • Water Repellent, Mildew & UV Resistant, also available with Fire Retardant Finish
    • Seams are double stitched, corners are reinforced for added strength
    • Aluminum Frame with Rafter Angle Kit/Couplers
    • Free Floating 16 oz. PVC groundsheet
    • 5” stove jack with shield flap
    • Standard Bug Mesh on door and windows
    • Military grade YKK Zippers on standard zippered door with buckled weather flap
    • Durable 3-layer storm large triangular distinctive windows
    • Mud flap around tent base
    • Stakes, Ropes, Metal tension adjusters and Tool Kit
    • Waterproof tent and poles storage bags
    Flysheet don’t come with the tent, you have to purchase it separately.


    Available Options


    These tents are designed for rugged use in cold weather hunting with a stove inside. The herders and outfitters use wall tents because of their durability and long term use during camping or hunting in severe weather conditions. These outfitter tents are made of the highest quality 10.10 oz. double-fill Army Duck canvas that comes standard with a water repellent and mildew resistant treatment, also, available with Fire Retardant finish. The canvas wall tent will withstand the elements to keep you safe, warm and dry. Choose from four standard wall tent size options, complete with Aluminum frame and free floating heavy duty groundsheet.

    Primary Source of Material- 100 % Cotton Canvas:

    Our canvas tents are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants which are drought tolerant and requires very less water to grow. Cotton is the largest natural fiber supplying the global demand for textile products. It is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. Most chemical fibers are petroleum based, which means they come from nonrenewable resources.


    It’s made from Grade-A premium Double Fill “Army Duck Canvas” using weightless WR (Water + Mildew) treatment and maintaining the natural breathability of 100% cotton using our proprietary brand of Canvas DYNAGUARD! Using a Silicone based chemical allows us to achieve much higher water repellency as opposed to the traditional wax treatment which adds extra weight and inconsistent water repellency. It comes with a fire retardant finish as well. Our fabrics are tested by an independent lab and benchmarked on every production run to ensure consistency of critical factors such as:

    • Hydrostatic Pressure Head Test
    • Mildew Soil Burial Test
    • Tensile & Tear Strength
    • Color Fastness to Sunlight

    Double Stitch Reinforcement: All our seams are double stitched, corners are reinforced for added strength.

    Side Wall & Center Height: The Side walls are standard 5’ high and Center Peak height at 8'5" to make a spacious unobstructed space inside the tent

    Zippers: Top rated military grade YKK Zippers for maximum functionality which are the best in trade, not only on doors but also on windows to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

    Stove Compatibility:  The tent includes 5” oval heat resistant silicon coated Stove Jack opening with a weather flap allowing for a 5” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof. It is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and to protect tent fabric from melting in direct contact with a hot stove pipe.

    Fire Safety:


    The tent is not fireproof. The fabric will ignite and burn if left in continuous contact with any open flame or other sources of ignition. 

    Canvas tents are not for use with open fire pits. Fire safety is the responsibility of the user. We encourage you to educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. It is imperative to acknowledge the local rules and regulations and if you are unsure, to ask about camp site / local policies or refer to the local civil protection/defense, forestry, fire service websites for further information. Always check local fire restrictions prior to starting a fire as rules and regulations may change frequently throughout the year.

    NOTE: White Duck Outdoors cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.

    Ground Sheet: Heavy duty Poly Vinyl High Density Coated 16 oz. Groundsheet to fit tent and keep the elements out.

    Wall Skirting: Each tent features a mud flap that is sewn onto the tent ground seam at the bottom of the tent and extends beyond the tent floor. Tent Wall skirting is made from weatherproof, high UV resistant, heavy duty 16 oz. Polyvinyl for a weather tight seal and to soil it down from all the elements. The base of the tent is reinforced with webbing and contains heavy duty brass grommets, so that you can stake your tent from the inside or outside. The mud flap can either be folded inside or extended outside the assembled tent in any terrain and weather condition

    Doors: The doors features heavy duty trouble-free military grade zippers and a generous weather flap across the door panels with an additional buckle fastening system (inner and outer tent) for extra protection to keep the tent dry during heavy rain and strong winds. Doors measures 7′6" in height when fully opened. The door can be easily secured open with webbing and side release buckles. In warm weather, simply buckle the doors open and enjoy the great outdoors!

    Integrated Mesh Door & Windows: Our tents have standard bug mesh door and windows made from high quality PVC Dipped UV Resistant No-See-Um Mesh to protect you from bugs and critters that may cause vector borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria or Zika. The protective mesh will keep the tiny insects at bay so you can enjoy the view yet stay protected. The windows and doors can be fully closed from the inside of the tent and insect-free mesh doors and windows allow you to open the tent for a breeze or a clear view without worrying about bugs or mosquitoes.

    Windows: Tent has durable 3-layer storm, large triangular distinctive windows for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, better ventilation and clear views. The interior layer is a heavy duty clear vinyl, both the interior and exterior layers close with a durable velcro fastening system.

    Shade: An extra 6” Sun/Weather Eave Shade with generous extra flap system protection ensuring the rain does not come inside the tent

    Pro Guy Lines & Tensioners: Complete with Polyester UV resistant 8 mm Dura rope, proprietary elasticated shock absorber 5 mm bungee cord system and triangular metal rope tension adjusters that keeps the tent guy points (highest stress point) with extra play in heavy winds


    The tent comes with Frame Modular Poles which are constructed of a 1.181” (30 mm) diameter anodized aluminum. The aluminum is extruded to be of a consistent .079″ (2 mm) thickness. 

    The frame structure includes the 3 way & 4 way couplers allowing you to fit the color coded poles and weather painted metal brackets that allow for maximum snow peak loads in extreme conditions. The Heavy-Duty structure design element allows flexibility of using the frame or up to 5” wooden logs in the outdoors.

    Pegs & Pins:

    The tent comes with 14” long solid steel V-shaped pegs of 3 mm (1/8”) thickness and 11” long pins of 6 mm (15/64”) thickness to secure your tent to the ground. It has 8 outfitter-grade ‘V’ style steel Pegs and 11 Pins.


    • Newly designed zippered waterproof storage bag for tents and poles.
    • Set up instructions.
    • Additional flexibility/compatibility by adding a porch and fly sheet for extra functional room that comes in different sizes


    The following precautions should be taken when camping:

    • Do not use candles, matches or open flames of any kind in or near a tent.
    • It is better to not cook inside a tent, but if you are, do not leave cooking unattended. Make sure grills, cooking appliances and similar must not be placed nearer than 1 meter to tent canvas. There should be no use of open fires or glowing charcoal inside tents or near tent canvas - fire can spread very quickly. There should be no use of open fires or glowing charcoal inside tents or near tent canvas as there is a significant risk from the buildup of Carbon Monoxide (CO), particularly in a confined space inside the tent. All flexible tubes and couplings to the gas burner should be checked for leakage and that it is in good order
    • Build campfires downwind and several meters away from a tent and be sure to fully extinguish campfires before leaving a campsite or before retiring for the night.
    • Exercise extreme caution when using fuel-powered lanterns or heaters inside a tent and use battery-operated lanterns whenever possible.
    • Ensure that electrical appliances are in good condition with no frayed wires etc.
    • Do not leave laptops or phones tables plug in and charging unattended
    • Do not refuel lamps, heaters or stoves inside a tent.
    • Extinguish or turn off all lanterns before going to sleep.
    • Do not smoke in a tent.
    • Do not store flammable liquids inside a tent.
    • Installation of log burners or heating equipment at your own risk
    • Ensure all guy ropes & pegs are securely fixed
    • Do not pitch under trees
    • Do not pitch on cliffs or places where risk of falling


    Floor Space 10’ x 12’ or 120 sq feet
    Canvas Type 10.10 oz. Army Duck Cotton Canvas
    Fabric Option Water Repellent, Fire Water Repellent
    Color Natural white
    Maximum Capacity 8
    Wall Height 5'
    Center Height 8'.5"
    Floor Material 16 oz. Vinyl Ground Sheet
    Floor Attachment Free floating
    Sod Cloth/Mud Skirting 16 oz. high UV resistant and weatherproof Vinyl around the tent base
    Door Front door with Buckle & Zipper Door Closure
    Standard Bug Mesh Door & Windows High quality PVC Dipped UV Resistant Mesh
    Windows 4 Triangle windows with an extra flap and a sunshade
    Storm Flap Vinyl Storm Flap on windows
    Zippers Military grade YKK Zippers
    Stove Jack 5” Heat Resistant Silicon Coated Stove Jack with flap
    Guy ropes PP UV resistant Dura rope
    Guy Points Elasticated shock-absorber bungee cord system
    Poles Aluminum anodized poles with thickness of 14 gauge and 1.20 mm diameter
    Angle Kits 3-way and 4-way couplers
    Rope Tension Adjuster Triangular Metal Runner
    Peg Type Heavy Duty Solid steel V-Peg Shape of Thickness 1/8”, 14” long
    Canvas Tent Weight (lbs) Water Repellent: 62 lbs. Fire Water Repellent: 71 lbs. Poles: 82 lbs.
    Total Weight (lbs) 146-155 lbs.
    Boxed Dimensions (1) (inches) 33”x15”x14”
    Boxed Dimensions (2) (inches) 33”x15”x11”
    Bag Waterproof Tent bag

    Does this tent come with rope and stakes?

    Yes, they do come with Stakes and Polyester UV resistant Dura rope with a proprietary elasticated shock absorber bungee cord system.

    How is the ventilation on this tent?

    All of our tents have good ventilation options;

    • The tent vents very well as it has 4 windows (6 windows in 16x20 size).
    • Given that it is canvas, the tent also vents well compared to if it was a plastic product that would entrap moisture.

    Does the inside build condensation in cold weather when using a propane heater?

    Propane heaters put out a considerable amount of water vapor when they burn and build condensation inside canvas tent. Good ventilation and airflow is an absolute necessity not only to help prevent condensation, but also for safety reasons. The heater should have carbon monoxide detector but try to avoid running it all night while sleeping and it should work okay.

    Does this have a floor?

    Yes, free floating 16 oz. polyvinyl groundsheet

    Does this come with a rain fly?

    No, you will have to buy the fly sheet and porch separately. They come in 4 sizes i.e. 10x12, 12x14, 14x16 and 16x20.

    What is the wind rating for this tent?

    During our modern firearm elk season, we experienced some 40+ mph winds during a couple of nights and our canvas tents hold up quite well. The bungee straps that comes with the tents tie down ropes are designed to handle heavy winds.

    Is this made in USA?

    Like all leading brands we source our products from various countries including both China and Pakistan. We promote responsible manufacturing with our partners and ensure social and environmental compliance along with stringent quality control measures. We further test our products performance by independent labs. This gives us confidence to stand behind our product and brand.

    What is the difference between the water repellent, water resistance and waterproof?

    Water-resistant fabric is the lowest level of water protection as it is only able to resist water penetration to some extent but not entirely. Tightly woven fabrics will offer a degree of water resistance, as it takes some time for the water to seep through the material. Water-repellent cannot be easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a breathable finish impregnated as surface coating. It beads on the outside instead and fall off the fabric. Waterproof material is impervious to water.

    Is it water repellent enough for a heavy snow, or is there a rain fly/ roof tarp available?

    There is a fly available for all Wall Tent sizes and we suggest you purchase one for added protection.

    What kind of zippers are used?

    We use military grade top rated YKK Zippers not only on doors to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

    Do they come with groundsheet?

    All of our tents come with a high density vinyl 16 oz. coated, heavy duty groundsheet to fit tent and keep the elements and insects out.

    Does it come with a sod cloth?

    The wall skirting/mud flap/sod cloth is made from heavy duty 16 oz. vinyl which is UV resistant and weatherproof to soil down the tent from all the elements, compatible with any terrain and weather condition.

    How many windows?

    Normally, wall tent suppliers offer one standard window with the tent. However, Alpha Wall Tent provides four durable 3-layer storm, large triangular distinctive windows with an extra flap and sunshade for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, better ventilation and clear views. The interior layer is a heavy duty clear vinyl, both the interior and exterior layers close with a durable Velcro fastening system. 16x20 size has six windows.

    How many doors?

    There is one standard bug mesh door at the front which have an additional buckle fastening system with canvas over flap across the door panels for extra protection to keep the tent dry during heavy rain and strong winds.

    Does it come with Flysheet and Porch?

    They come as additional accessories that could be bought separately with the tent i.e. Cabinet, Roof and Pocket organizers to protects against all odds, keep your belongings safe and easily accessible. Tents are designed in a way to provide additional flexibility by adding a porch for extra functional room that comes in different sizes. Also, fly sheets are available comprising of different sizes to fit your tent perfectly.

    How many sizes are available?

    Although it is possible to make a wall tent of any size, common sizes range from 8x10 to 16x20 feet. We offer wall tent in four different sizes i.e. 10’x12’, 12’x14’, 14’x16’ and 16’x20’

    How is our wall tent different than others?

    Our Wall tent is made up of a heavier and higher quality canvas, we have tested our canvas fabric at an independent textile lab and it turned out to be 15% stronger than the canvas fabric used by our competitors.

    A distinctive feature of our wall tent is that it comes as a complete package that includes the frame structure, extra windows, groundsheet and sod cloth/skirting that comes with the tent unlike our competitors who sell them separately at much higher prices.

    Are they hard to setup?

    Not really.

    Can you live in your tents?

    Yes, they are practically designed in such a way to let you stay inside the tent for extended period of time. However, make sure to clean your tent every now and then.

    Do your tents come with groundsheets?

    Yes, we provide free floating 16 oz. PVC groundsheet with the tent

    Do most wall tents come with floors?

    No, mostly companies charge extra money for groundsheet. Our tent includes the free floating tarp.

    Does this price include poles and floor?

    Yes, our canvas wall tent includes the complete set with Aluminum Frame, Rafter Angle Kit/Couplers and Free Floating PVC floor, NO NEED TO BUY THEM SEPARATELY! It also includes 5” Stove Jack with flap, Durable 3-layer storm, large triangular distinctive windows, Standard Zippered Door with buckled weather flap, Mud Skirting around tent base, Stakes, Ropes, Metal Runners/Rope Tension Adjusters and Tool Kit, all packed in a waterproof tent bag for easy transport and storage.

    Does it come with a stove?

    No, you have to buy the stove separately. However, all of our wall tents have a stove jack and detachable all weather cover flap that features an integrated stove jack keeping the heat in and smoke out.

    What material is the tent made from?

    100% Cotton Canvas Army Duck Fabric.

    Do the windows have solid covers as well as screens?

    The windows have a flap that you can either close or roll up for circulation. This canvas wall tent also includes our all-weather 3 layer storm flap which will roll down and cover windows in case of a large storm for added protection.

    Do you provide a tent bag with your tent?

    Yes, tent, groundsheet and poles, all are packed in newly designed zippered waterproof polyester storage bag with carry strap. Some companies charge extra money for the bag, we give them out with the tent to make sure that your tent is protected.

    What is the difference between Awning, Porch and Cook Shack?

    Awnings carry the roof line out over the front of the tent, porches are the roof and walls out in front of the tent and cook shack are the roof walls and another end sewn in.

    How can a burn hole be fixed?

    The best way to fix burn holes is to sew a patch over them.

    What is a sod cloth?

    A 10-15 inch material sewn in around the bottom of a tent to provide a seal to the ground and prevent wind and rain from entering the tent. We use a vinyl so it is easier to clean and can go to the inside or outside of the tent as per your convenience.

    Does it include the frame?

    Yes, our canvas wall tents include aluminum frame and angle kits that are all color coded to ease the set up process.

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