Insider Secrets From 5 Glampsite Owners:
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What's Inside?

Before getting started

Before you get started with your glamping operation, there are certain considerations to keep in mind so your foundations are strong and you hit the ground running.

Deciding on a location

Starting your glamping business is like investing in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Our experts provide insight on going about this.

Services and amenities to offer

As a glamping business, you can provide as off-grid or as luxurious an experience as you like. How should you decide what will work for you and your guests?

Learn From Industry Experts

"I always say 50% of what we do is provide a fully furnished tent for guests to simply show up and enjoy, the other 50% is we completely plan and schedule your stay for you. It's a ton of research."


Kelly Emilianowicz, The Popup BNB

"I honestly try to think about things I would want if I were renting and provide those to the extent possible. We provide firewood, rugs, and we set up facilities with bathrooms on site."


Stacie Madison, Ouachita Wilde 

"We want this to be luxurious in a way but we still want to provide a sense of camping. We are completely off grid so there is no WiFi and little service, which most see as an amenity."


Erik Joot, Glamping Canyonlands