At White Duck Outdoors, our experts offer you a FREE consultation on any or all questions you have including:

  • What size tents you would need What material cotton is best.
  • How to properly site up your outdoor business, make the most of your space, and help you pick out the amenities that will suit you best.
  • What to offer clients, how to market your business well.
  • Maximizing the area on your site without tents being too spread or too crowded.
  • What different demographics to target, and how to reach out to them.
  • Help you advertise using our mass social media reach, as well as promote and market your business. We will also tell you want demographics you should be hitting to get the best responses.
  • Work around your costs, and help you with pricing to ensure you are getting a faster, better return on investment.


Glamping, hunting and camping is about to become an even more profitable lucrative business. How?

Are you reaping the benefits of the industry?

Is your business making as successful as you want to be?

At White Duck Outdoors we understand that running these businesses are not easy to run, but have unlimited potential for growth, and this is why at White Duck we care enough to make sure that you are fully ready to start your business, and to improve on your current set up.