Canvas Tarpaulins

HEAVY DUTY CANVAS TARPAULINS, CANVAS TARPS & CANVAS COVERS Our Premium Canvas Tarpaulins are Heavy Duty and manufactured...


Our Premium Canvas Tarpaulins are Heavy Duty and manufactured from 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric with reinforced edges. Our Canvas Tarps are available in various sizes and are in Olive Drab Color.

Canvas Tarps sold by White Duck Outdoors, are offered in 18 oz Canvas Fabric and Suitable as Covers and Shelter for various Applications. All of our heavy duty Waterproof Canvas Tarps have reinforced edges and are designed to last compared our competitors Canvas Tarpaulins.

Our heavy duty Canvas Tarpaulins, Canvas Tarps and Canvas Covers are offered with Free Shipping.


What is a cut size?

Cut Size refers to the size of a tarp before sewing of seams and hems. For example, a 6' x 8' Cut Size tarp, the material will start at 6' x 8' and finished size would be 3-5% smaller than the cut size.  It is an industry standard term which indicates the size of the tarp before it’s seamed, hemmed and eyeleted. Please note that all cut sizes will be 3 - 5% smaller than dimensions stated. We have mentioned the finished sizes which are the exact dimensions.

What is a finished size?

Cut Size refers to the size of a tarp after sewing of seams and hems is completed. If the Finished Size is specified when ordering, the extra fabric that is necessary to create hems and seams has already been accounted for and the actual end product will exactly be the stated size.

Fabric & Tarp Weight:

Many tarpaulin items are offered based on tarp weight in the market. Since there is a significant difference in weight per size, we only offer our products based on fabric weight. The weight difference is caused by the seam, hem, inserted rope, eyelets, leaflet and polybag. The smaller the size the bigger the difference between fabric and tarp weight.

What is the difference between a cut size and a finished size?

It is the width of the hem and the width of the seam (or welding). Cut size is the gross size before fabrication whereas, finished size is the net size after fabrication. The cut size is bigger and the finished size is smaller.

How do you determine the size of your tarp?

Mostly, you just need to measure the length x width of the area to be covered. However, if you want to cover a 3 dimensional object, measure the length and width of the top of the object you need to cover along with how far down the object you want the tarp to drape over (height).

What are tarps used for?

These are four season heavy duty tarps for everyday use as it provides protection against rain and UV rays or wherever you need to keep valuables covered. These canvas tarps are perfect for Agriculture, Machinery, Industrial, Commercial, Construction, Home, Outdoor Applications and other endless numerous uses.

Can I use my canvas tarp and covers as car or boat covers?

These tarps are not intended for cars (autos), boats or highway use. Best car or boat covers are made from man-made fabric; nylon or other marine grade fabric material.

Can I use my canvas tarp and covers as truck covers on highway?

Canvas tarp doesn’t tend to have high tear resistance to be used on long highways. Heavy wind or extreme weather conditions might not be suitable.

Do you make custom tarps?

Our tarps are available in six different sizes and olive color. For bulk and customized orders, it depends on the minimum order quantity, please call or email us for detailed information.

What is the warranty or guarantee?

There is no warranty on canvas tarps and covers as they are used in different environments and applications. Please read our Return Policy.

Do you offer Fire Retardant Tarps?

No, at the moment we are not. Please call or write to us for more detailed information.

What is mil?

The mill is an increment/unit for measuring the thickness of tarps. The equivalent of one mill is 1000 of an inch. The thicker tarps have better quality.

What is Denier?

It refers to the linear mass density of fibers – amount of mass per unit length of fibers is measured in the unit.

Do you provide the tarp size in inches?

It is possible to make tarp sizes in inches, however, it is not ideal for canvas tarp or poly tarp due to their elastic nature. Canvas products are subject to shrinkage due to varying climate conditions with time (upto 3-5%), if you want fixed size tarp covers, consider looking at vinyl tarps.

Does the wax or color on new canvas tarp rub off?

There could be some pigment rub-off from the canvas during the initial stages of weatherization. Special care should be taken to keep the canvas from touching porous items.

Are these tarps suitable to be used indoors?

We won’t advise you to use it indoors as the finish or dye color might rub off during initial use which might damage the furniture, floor or carpet. However, you may use untreated canvas for indoors.

What are fully treated canvas tarp?

It means that the whole tarp fabric is treated with chemicals to attain water, milder and mold resistance making the tarps water resistant. The chemical treatment adds to the weight of canvas fabric.

Are heavier weight tarps better?

It depends on the quality of chemical treatment used. It is better to look for premium chemical finishes, heavier weight means more wax and poor quality chemical finish/treatment that adds to the weight of canvas tarp covers and won’t perform better. It is also important to look for the fabric weight and type to determine the quality of canvas tarp covers.

How can you retreat your canvas tarp?

There are chemicals available in the market to retreat your tarp covers, Canvak and Losso are recommended by most industry experts.