Canvas Family Explorer Tents

Family Explorer Cabin Tent, Deluxe 10'x10'
Our best canvas cabin tents are made from high-quality 10.10 oz. breathable canvas fabric that is wholly waterproof,...
Family Explorer Cabin Tent, Deluxe 10’x14'
This 8 person tent specially designed for modern day camping comes with YKK Zippers for maximum functionality, galvanized...
Family Explorer Cabin Tent, Deluxe Prime 10’X10’
If you are headed for a campground to spend quality time with your family, camping in the outdoors...
Family Explorer Cabin Tent, Deluxe Prime 10’X14’
The design offers spacious 6'6" ceiling height providing walk-around comfort, two large D-shaped doors (front and back) and six...
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          Our Cotton Canvas Family Explorer Cabin tents are the best family camping, car camping and rugged-use tents you can purchase. All of our canvas family explorer tents on sale are sold at market competitive prices with unique features and impeccable craftsmanship built into every tent.

          The Family Explorer Tents are made from 100% finest breathable cotton 10.10 Oz Army Duck Canvas, Water Repellent, Mildew & UV Resistant which is suitable for multiple purposes i.e. Car Camping, Trailer Camping, Glamping, Family Camping, Safari Trips, Outfitter, Picnics, Outdoor Events, Parties, Festivals, Weddings, Outdoor Adventures and Activities. As it’s made from durable cotton canvas, it will last longer and worth every cent of your investment! They are reliable, comfortable, exceptionally sturdy and made to last ideal for Burning Man, Coachella, Electric Daisy and Music Festivals.

          Our Cotton Canvas Family Explorer Tents are designed carefully to suit today’s camping, glamping needs as they have undergone many modern updates. Our cotton canvas tents are all about creating the perfect camping experience for you. That's why we focus not just on the quality of material, but also the quality of design. These cotton canvas family explorer tents can be used year-round, but not designed for extreme weather conditions.


          Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for detailed Do It Yourself and Review videos that will help you understand the unique features of our best cotton canvas family explorer tents for camping and glamping.

           Frequently Asked Questions

          What is the difference between the Family Explorer Basic and Deluxe Range?

          Both the tents are almost identical except for some advanced features designed for the deluxe model. The basic models do not have extra windows inside the tent, thus there are two windows (one front, and one back) and two doors (one front, one back). The deluxe model has four windows (one front, one back and two on both sides) and two doors.

          Both models have vents to help regulate and manage air-flow and temperature. Both models have a duffel style waterproof polyester storage bag with a zipper and carry strap. Both models use top of the line YKK Brand zippers. 

          Apart from extra windows, there not much of a difference between the two tents. If you can afford the deluxe version then go for the full features i.e. more roomy, better ventilation. If you are on a budget, the basic models are a great value.

          Can I take this tent to Burning Man or Coachella event? Will it handle the dusty environment on the place?

          It will do better than any other type of tent. It will be as dust proof as you keep it. Just keep in mind that there should be no open flame, in or near the tent.

          How many years this tent would hold up?

          Depending upon your use and environment, canvas tent last longer than synthetic tents. However, they should be properly maintained to avoid mold, rust or rot. Please check out our tent maintenance page

          Do you stake it all at once or just 4 corners first?

          You have to put in all the stakes, make sure to unzip the doors and windows. After assembling the poles on top and putting the stakes in, try to lift the top a little to get air inside the tent before installing the side poles. This should reduce the vacuum you experience when raising it up. You can find the setup video tutorials on our

          Why is your tent heavier than other canvas cabin style tents?

          Our Family Explorer tent is made up of a heavier and higher quality canvas, we have tested our canvas fabric at an independent textile lab and it turned out to be 15% stronger than the canvas fabric used by our competitors.

          Why should I buy Family Explorer tent, what’s the difference between this tent and other Spring-bar tents available in the market?

          Our Family Explorer tent is made up of a heavier and higher quality canvas, we have tested our cotton canvas fabric at an independent textile lab and it turned out to be 15% stronger than the canvas fabric used by our competitors.

          We use our premium cotton canvas fabric not only for the tent but also for the loops that attach the organizer inside the tent, minimizing risk of water penetration. However our competitors use polyester/ nylon webbing which is not as water resistant.

          Unlike our competitors, we have used 10.10 oz. fabric on walls (same as tent fabric) instead of the eight and 1/2 ounce which makes our tent a beast; sturdy and more durable.

          A distinctive feature of our family explorer tent is the silver-coated 12 oz. canvas roof which is heat resistant and has superior water, mildew and heat resistance. Making inside temperature much cooler in hot summer days and won’t blind you in the morning looking up at roof laying on your back. Our competitors are using a standard canvas ceiling fabric.  

          We use top rated YKK Zippers not only on doors but also on windows to ensure maximum durability and functionality. Our competitors only use them on doors.

          Does it include a groundsheet?

          It has a bathtub style groundsheet that stops the rain water from penetrating inside the flooring. The bathtub style comes in handy if there is a puddle outside, ensuring no penetration from the groundsheet. Our competitors use a sewn-in groundsheet, this is great for normal conditions, and however, in rain it poses a risk of water penetrating the inside of the tent. It is a completely closed unit.

          Are the stake loops reinforced?

          Stake loops are made up of heavy duty bungee cord.

          What is the center height?

          Headroom height of family explorer is 6.5 ft. the headroom is all around.

          Is this tent treated with chemical flame retardants?

          Our Family Explorer tents do not have flame retardant finish. They only come with Water Repellent option.

          Is there any need for a rain fly or is on available for this tent?

          During heavy rain, we highly recommend a fly of some sort, this keeps the damaging rays of the sun from degrading the canvas. Also useful for helping snow to slide off better in the winter and by trapping a layer of air between the fly and canvas top helps insulate the tent in cold weather. Unfortunately, we do not supply fly with our Family Explorer tent range.

          Can a wood stove be put inside this?

          Our family explorer tents do not have stock jack installed, but it has large doors and windows which could be used to ventilate the smoke.

          Which tent is suitable for long trip duration?

          If you do shorter trips, 1-3 days, and easy, one-person set-up is important, you should consider our Bell tents and Family explorer cabin tents.  If you are going to camp for extended periods of time, one week plus, you should consider our wall tents. The wall tents take more time to erect, are a little bulkier to store, and require two people to set up. Once up, they are roomier because of the steep sidewalls and tall ceilings and offer some added comforts like adding up the porch in front of your tent for added space.


          If you're using in the mountains for hunting, how are you going to heat it?

          We do not put a stove Jack in this style tent (Deluxe) and therefore the propane is the appropriate way to do it. It's one of the things I like about the side windows is how easily they vent for the propane during the night.

          What is the headroom on Family Explorer tents?

          The Headroom height of the family Explorer is 6.5 ft. The headroom is all around.

          What are the roof dimensions of the family explorer 10x14? What is the back look like? How are your stake loops attached?

          The rearview is actually the same as the front view. The roof height is 6'5", Our staking is done with bungee cords instead of webbing and allows it to hold up better against high winds. It's better than any other tent available in the market.

          Would the family explorer be something that is completely waterproof and durable to withstand 5 months? I am confused about the rain fly, is it something that is optional to use? Or is it required for complete waterproofing?

          Yes absolutely! Our family explorer tent is waterproof and will withstand much more than 5 months. We don’t sell fly sheets with this model but if you are planning to set up the tent for an extended period, fly sheet is a good option to consider.

          Do your tents have an access for electrical cord in your Family Explorer Tents?

          Yes, you can run the cord in through the back door.

          Does the family explorer basic have windows in the back?

          Our camper tent do have one window and door at the front and same at the back which have bug mesh installed.

          Also, what are the dimensions of the awning?

          It comes with large 72 x 78 inch awning

          Do you have any vestibule attachments?

          There is no vestibule attachment available in our Family Explorer Tents.