At White Duck Outdoors, we're changing the way people get outside with their gear. With a focus on sustainability, quality, user experience and innovation, we're making it easier than ever for anyone to fall in love with the outdoors and #reconnectnow — and it starts with you.

Perks of Working at White Duck

Work from anywhere you
like, it's entirely up to you

Set your own working
hours in the day

Work in a rapidly growing outdoor
startup, in an ever-expanding industry

Be a part of a lean organization and
have a tangible, long-lasting impact

Take on new initiatives and identify
creative avenues for growth

Be close to all aspects of the business
including marketing & operations

Settle for More... No, Never Settle.

We push the boundaries of what's possible across the entire business, from our products, to our customer experience to what we achieve personally. Innovation is in our DNA and we're always on the hunt for the next big opportunity. Stay curious and never get complacent.

Don't Make Customers Think.

We're hyper focused on designing for functionality and customer experience, so our customers aren't forced to think about "how", they can just "do". We build the best products and seamless experiences.

One Planet.

Getting outdoors is in the fabric of who we are and that means we do everything we can to protect the planet. We source responsibly, we minimize manufacturing waste and we design products that are easy to reuse or dispose of. Always think about how your decision impacts the world we live in.