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Alpha Wall Tent Accessories

Alpha Wall Tent Porch

Our Canvas Wall Tents Porch provides an extra space, or separate vestibule or room located in front of the entrance of the Alpha Canvas Wall tents. This extra area will allow you and your party to relax, take in the view. You can also use the porch as an area to eat, cook or simply store your things. The Alpha Wall Tent Porch is not attached to the tent but overlaps it and is secured to ground with rope and tension adjusters. They are a continuation of roof and sidewalls of your Wall Tent. These great porches are a great addition to your hunting, glamping or camping adventure, letting you reconnect with the outside perfectly.

Alpha Wall Tent Fly Sheet

Fly sheets are a must-have for outdoor activities and hunting trips for your Alpha Canvas Wall Tents especially in the winter for added protection in snow. You can reconnect, assured that your fabric will remain unharmed by snow or rain. They are used to protect the fabric if you are living in a canvas wall tent for an extended period of time to make a barrier against the rain and snow in Winter. Fly sheets protects the canvas roof of the wall tents from UV rays, dirt, snow accumulation and prevents any water leaks or rain water from entering through the side windows. It’s an added protection and will make your trip memorable by preventing any surprise leaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which material are Alpha Wall tents made of?

Cotton canvas is our preferred choice of material. It is breathable, it allows a little airflow for drying out the dampness and humidity inside the tent, it is waterproof and less prone to condensation. A good quality, breathable, tightly woven, 100% cotton duck canvas is at the core of every White Duck Outdoors tent. We use 100% Cotton Canvas, 10.10 oz. Double Fill Army Duck Fabric.

How many sizes are available and which size is suitable?

Our wall tents come in four different sizes i.e. 10’x12’, 12’x14’, 14’x16’ and 16’x20’ to cater to all kind of families or groups. The best way to determine correct tent size is to figure out what you are bringing with you. Ensure plenty room for accessories and ample space to move around. If you are still unsure of the size, please contact us at

How is our wall tent different than others?

Our Wall tent is made up of a heavier and higher quality canvas, we have tested our canvas fabric at an independent textile lab and it turned out to be 15% stronger than the canvas fabric used by our competitors. A distinctive feature of our wall tent is that it comes as a complete package that includes the frame structure, extra windows, groundsheet and sod cloth/skirting that comes with the tent unlike our competitors who sell them separately at much higher prices.

What is the difference between the water repellent, water resistance and waterproof?

  • Water-resistant fabric is the lowest level of water protection as it is only able to resist water penetration to some extent but not entirely. Tightly woven fabrics will offer a degree of water resistance, as it takes some time for the water to seep through the material.
  • Water-repellent cannot be easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a breathable finish impregnated as surface coating. It beads on the outside instead and fall off the fabric.
  • Waterproof material is impervious to water, however, it is impossible to breathe in.

We have used silicone based chemical treatment similar to famous Sunforger treatment which has been the leader in the fabric treatment camping industry because of its ability to retain the canvas natural ability to breathe without contributing to the fabric’s disintegration. This results in much higher water repellency and protection against UV rays, mold and mildew, as opposed to the traditional wax treatment which adds extra weight and inconsistent water repellency. Together with the material itself, canvas treatments have become a critical factor in determining a high quality tent.

Is this tent fire repellent?

All of our canvas wall tents are available in 4 different sizes with two unique fabric options to choose from i.e. Water Repellent and Fire Water Repellent. They are also mold and mildew resistant.

Does it include the frame?

Yes, all of our canvas wall tents include heavy duty and durable aluminum frame and angle kits.

What kind of zippers are used?

We use top rated military grade YKK Zippers on both canvas and mesh doors to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

Do they come with groundsheet?

Yes, all of our tents come with a heavy duty free floating 16 oz. PVC groundsheet to fit the tent and keep the elements & insects out while most of the wall tent providers charge extra money for it.

Does it include a stove jack?

Yes, all of our wall tents have pre-installed stove jack so you can choose a stove or your liking, or save money by using a stove you have at home. The stove jack has a standard pattern of 5” and 6” which could be cut with any scissor. We have used heat resistant, silicon coated material with a canvas weather flap allowing for a 5” or 6” round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof. It is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and to protect tent fabric from melting in direct contact with a hot stove pipe.

How to choose the right stove?

It depends on what you plan on using it for, weight, volume, strength, and performance will determine the stove type and size. Volume determines the log size and burn time.

What is a sod cloth/wall skirting/mud flap?

A 10-15 inch material sewn in around the bottom of a tent to provide a seal to the ground and prevent wind and rain from entering the tent. We use heavy duty 16 oz. vinyl which is UV resistant and weatherproof to soil down your tent from all the elements. It is compatible with any terrain and weather condition, also, easier to clean and can go inside or outside of the tent as per your convenience.

How many windows?

Alpha Wall Tent features four durable, all-weather, 3-layer storm, large triangular distinctive windows. The windows are 3 layered with a flap that you can either roll up for circulation, better ventilation and clear views or close to stay protected during heavy snow or storm. Most of the wall tent suppliers offer one standard window with the tent and charge an additional cost.

How many doors?

There is one canvas door with bug mesh at the front which have an additional buckle fastening system with canvas over flap across the door panels for extra protection to keep the tent dry during heavy rain and strong winds.

Are they hard to setup?

If you follow the instructions, it will hardly take 30-40 minutes for the first time to set up your tent. You will need at least two people as the frame and tent fabric is heavy.

Can wall tents be used for extended period?

Yes, they are practically designed in such a way to let you stay inside the tent for extended period of time. However, make sure to clean your tent every now and then to avoid getting mold or mildew.

Does it come with a bag?

Yes, we provide zippered waterproof polyester storage bag with carry strap to protect and store your tent, poles and toolkit. Most of the companies charge extra money for the bag.

Does this tent come with rope and stakes?

Yes, they do come with Stakes and Polyester UV resistant Dura rope with a proprietary elasticated shock absorber bungee cord system.

What is the difference between Awning, Porch and Cook Shack?

Awnings carry the roof line out over the front of the tent, porches are the roof and walls out in front of the tent and cook shack are the roof walls and another end sewn in.

What is the wind rating for this tent?

During our modern firearm elk season, we experienced some 40+ mph winds during a couple of nights and our canvas tents hold up well. The bungee straps that comes with the tents tie down ropes are designed to handle heavy winds.

How is the ventilation on this tent?

All of our tents have good ventilation options;

  • The tent vents really well as it has 4 windows (6 windows in 16x20 size).
  • Given that it is canvas, the tent also vents well compared to if it was a plastic product that would entrap moisture.

Do you sell rain fly and porch?

Yes, you can buy fly sheet and porch separately for added protection, they are available in all four sizes as tent i.e. 10x12, 12x14, 14x16 and 16x20.

How can a burn hole be fixed?

The best way to fix burn holes is to sew a patch over them.

Does the inside build condensation in cold weather when using a propane heater?

Propane heaters put out a considerable amount of water vapor when they burn and build condensation inside canvas tent. Good ventilation and airflow is an absolute necessity not only to help prevent condensation, but also for safety reasons. The heater should have carbon monoxide detector but try to avoid running it all night while sleeping and it should work okay.

How to control or manage Snow Accumulation?

If you want to leave your tent up in the winter for an extended period of time in heavy snow, no internal frame can withstand heavy snow accumulation. There is no guarantee that your tent will survive a heavy wet snow load and are likely to get damaged and frames getting destroyed. White Duck Outdoors does not specify any safe amount of accumulation of ice or snow on a tent. The larger the canvas, the greater the potential snow load, and thus the greater the possibility for structural collapse. To mitigate accumulation in winter conditions, we always recommend our customers to get an extra pair of snow load poles for added strength and a tent stove which will heat the tent and cause fresh snow falling on the canvas to melt and run off, managing the temperature to some extent. Also, use a soft brush to periodically brush snow off the canvas, or gently beat the snow off from inside.