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Versatile, spacious and durable, the Alpha Wall Tent is the last wall tent you will ever buy.


THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...
THE VERSATILE, 4-SEASON TENT The Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready, with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor...



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Wall Tents at White Duck Outdoors

Wall tents are identifiable by their vertical, four-wall design. A canvas wall tent, which may also be called a safari tent, outfitter tent or hunting tent, is arguably the most durable form of canvas tent.

At White Duck Outdoors, our focus is on building the best wall tents through consistent feedback from our customers, ambassadors and greater outdoor community. All our Alpha wall tents for sale are built with our proprietary DYNADUCK fabric, which is 100% 10.10 oz double-fill army duck cotton canvas, treated with a PFC-free fire water repellent, mold, mildew & UV resistant finish. If you plan to use a wall tent stove, we also have fire retardant fabric options.

As one of the industry-leading wall tent manufacturers, all wall tents from White Duck Outdoors arrive outdoors ready - which means when you order your canvas wall tent, you’re going to receive all the poles, frame, angle kits, stakes & pins, guylines and a tool kit with it. Usually, tent manufacturers don’t provide these necessary components, and customers are expected to purchase them separately. This is what sets us apart as a wall tent shop that’s unique in the industry.

The Alpha Wall Tent is built to last a lifetime and serves as a home away from home. The frame is made from galvanized aluminum so it can stand up to the harshest weather conditions. The wall tents are packed with functionality so you can get outdoors, stress-free. All the canvas wall tents come with a built-in stove jack, storm windows, premium bug mesh on the doors and windows and pocket organizers at no additional cost.

The Alpha Wall Tent is available in six sizes, which makes it our most versatile canvas tent. You can get the wall tent in:

  • 8’x10’
  • 10’x12’
  • 12’x14’
  • 14’x16’
  • 16’x20’
  • 16’x24’

Wall Tent Features

Our canvas wall tents for sale stand out from other kinds of tents because we don’t hold back with the features and functionality we offer. Generally, when you’re investing in the best canvas wall tents, it’s important to ensure that you also receive all necessary components, add-ons and features that will make your outdoor experience that much more memorable.

If you’re buying a wall tent, it should have:

  • A lightweight, galvanized aluminum tent frame. The tent frame is what keeps the canvas wall tent up and gives it its shape. It also needs to be sturdy and reliable so you can use your tent in any kind of weather.
  • A stove jack is an essential component that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. By default, our Alpha Tent is a wall tent with stove jack, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your own hole for the stove pipe. If you plan to use your tent with stove setups, this stove jack is important.
  • Three-layer storm doors and windows help make your tent a 4 season canvas tent. If your windows and doors have a canvas layer, PE layer and bug mesh, you can enjoy living in your wall tent through the summer with the canvas layer up, or in winter through harsh snowstorms with all the layers closed.
  • Pocket organizers inside your canvas wall tent help keep your space organized, so you don’t have to have your valuables or electronics lying around and lose track of them.

Uses of Wall Tents

Due to their durability, variety of sizes and spaciousness, wall tents are perfect for a number of applications. These can include:

  • Hunting: Wall tents make for great hunting tents because often outfitter groups like to set up camp for days, if not weeks, on end. A wall tent is perfect for this because they offer enough space to carry gear, room to set up beds or camp cots and they don’t wear easily.
  • Camping: Wall tents are spacious and can accommodate large groups of people, especially when sleeping in sleeping bags. For this reason, families or large groups of friends might find a canvas wall tent to be the right choice for a camping trip.
  • Glamping: Wall tent glamping is extremely common, and you may choose to use your canvas wall tent for glamping, or find a resort that offers tent glamping. The best canvas wall tents have a high wall and ceiling height, which allows for furniture placement inside the canvas wall tent.
  • Semi-permanent living: It isn’t uncommon to see people choose to use their tents for living in semi-permanently. These heavy duty wall tents do well in all seasons, and it helps that the wall tent stove jack provides easy stove placement. You can use a tent platform to set up your tent for a long time, or just pitch it in nature for a more organic experience.

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