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Olive Canvas Tarps – Canvas Tarpaulins, Heavy Duty 100% Cotton.

18 oz. Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp, Water, Mold & UV Resistant, Rustproof Grommets, Reinforced Edges & Reflective Tape for Industrial & Commercial use as Tarpaulin Covers.

Tight Woven Fabric For Canvas Tarps:

Our canvas tarps are made from loomstate heavy duty 12 oz. Numbered Duck fabric which is Grade "A" Premium Double Filled or "Plied Yarn" which creates a tighter weave construction and smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks. The tight dense weave make them stiffer & more durable fabrics to be used for many outdoor applications and Covers.

Breathable Waterproof Fabric Finish:

The fabric used for our Tarpaulins includes Water Repellent, Mold & Mildew Resistant chemical treatment on the surface of the cotton canvas fabric for higher water repellency. It is a high quality breathable finish which allows moisture to evaporate preventing Rot/Rust on objects, keep your valuables dry, no foul smell from the treatment and it allows a little airflow for drying out the dampness and humidity.

Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulins:

Our heavy duty 18 oz. premium quality tarp is made of 100% double fill Number Duck cotton canvas fabric of industrial grade. It is a rugged and durable high quality double fill canvas fabric in Olive color. These four season canvas tarps are sturdy and will perform in all weather conditions. The cotton canvas tarps will not self-destruct and rot away as all seams and hems are double stitched with heavy duty, lock-stitched with rot resistant thread and are going to last a long time. The high quality protective tarp has the strength and durability you need.

Quick and Easy to Tie Down Tarps:

We have used stainless steel rustproof grommets spaced approximately 2.5 - 3 feet apart all around and in each corner allow this tarp to be tied down and secured simply. They are reinforced with extremely durable patches at every grommet placement and corners using poly-vinyl triangles for greater durability.

Multi-Functional Features:

There are polypropylene loops on every grommet to insert rope for All Round Tensioning, also, for quick easy tie-down. These loops reduces wear on tarp, will prevent grommet pull-out due to high winds or extreme strapping conditions and extend the life of your tarp. Also, there are reflective tape at corners that will provide a high visibility warning especially during night time that will help mark out potentially dangerous or hazardous areas.

Multi-Purpose Tarpaulin Use:

These are four season heavy duty tarps for everyday use as it provides protection against  rain and UV rays or wherever you need to keep valuables covered. These canvas tarps are perfect for Agriculture, Machinery, Industrial, Commercial, Construction, Home, Outdoor Applications and endless uses. 


  • Please note that all cut sizes will be 3 - 5% smaller than dimensions stated. We have mentioned the finished sizes which are the exact dimensions.
  • There could be some pigment rub-off from the canvas during the initial stages of weatherization. Special care should be taken to keep the canvas from touching porous items.
  • These tarps are not intended for cars (autos), boats or highway use.
  • Canvas products are subject to shrinkage due to varying climate conditions.
  • Canvas tarps must be tied down securely.


  • This product will ignite and burn if brought into contact with open flame
  • Increase in temperature under sunlight could cause damage to stored items. Covered item should be adequately ventilated at all times
  • Plastic bags can be dangerous and cause suffocation, keep away from children



Cut Size Finished Size Retail Bulk Orders
Weight/item (lbs.) Folding Size Pcs/Carton Net weight/Carton (lbs.) Gross Weight/Carton (lbs.) Carton Dimension (in)
6' x 8' 5'6"x7’6” 7.35 15"x 9" 6 41.88 44.08 18*12*14
7' x 9'  6’6"x8’6” 9.7 20"x12" 5 45.18 48.49 23*15*13
8' x 10' 7’6”x9’6” 12.12 15"x 9" 4 45.18 48.49 18*12*14
8' x 12' 7’6”x11'6" 13.66 15"x 9" 5 63.92 68.32 18*12*21
8' x 16' 7’6"x15’6” 14.33 15"x 9" 4 55.1 57.3 18*12*18
8' x 20'  7’6"x19’6” 23.14 17"x13" 2 41.88 46.28 20*16*11
10' x 12' 9'6"x11’6” 18 15"x 9" 3 50.69 54 18*12*17
10' x 20' 9’6"x19’6” 46.28 17"x13" 1 41.88 46.28 20*16*12
12' x 16' 11’6”x15’6" 52.9 17"x13" 1 26 26.2 20*16*12
12' x 20' 11’6"x19’6” 34.16 17"x13" 1 31.96 34.16 20*16*8
12' x 24' 11’6"x23’6” 40.77 17"x13" 1 38.35 40.77 20*16*10
16' x 20' 15’6”x19’6" 46.28 17"x13" 1 41.88 46.28 20*16*8
20' x 20' 19’6”x19’6" 59.51 21"x17" 1 56.2 59.51 23*19*8
20' x 24'  19’6"x23’6” 68.32 21"x17" 1 66.12 68.32 23*19*11
20' x 30' 19'6"x29’6” 79.34 21"x17" 1 76.04 79.34 23*19*14


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