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HEAVY DUTY WATERPROOF CANVAS: Strong and tough log carriers are made from premium and durable waxed industrial-strength cotton...

White Duck Outdoors Gear offers all the Outdoor essentials built from High Quality Cotton Canvas that is designed to last through out all seasons and focused to provide comfort.

White Duck Gear offers a range of variety. Gear includes:

  • Pet Bed - Dog bed made of Cotton Canvas strong and robust for your furry friend!
  • Log Carrier - Tuff Firewood Log Carrier made of Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas rugged and durable to comfortably pack and carry heavy wood logs that will last a lifetime!
  • Bags - Canvas duffle bags include a complete range of our Heavy Duty Bags: Hoplite Duffel bag, Hoplite Parachute Bag, Hoplite Top Load Bag, Filios Duffle Bag