Canvas Cabin Tents

The Prota Cabin Tent is modern upgrade to a traditional camping tent, perfect for backcountry getaways.


THE SLEEK, SPACIOUS CABIN TENT The Prota Cabin Tent is a modern take on the traditional cabin tent...
THE SLEEK, SPACIOUS CABIN TENT The Prota Cabin Tent is a modern take on the traditional cabin tent...


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Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are an extremely popular rugged tent, famous for their cabin-like shape that so many people have come to know and love. The cabin tent has almost vertical walls, with ample space inside to stand up and move around. They also tend to have higher than average center heights, which affords them spaciousness few other canvas tents can offer.

We offer a range of Cabin tents that vary in size and functionality, so you’re going to find the canvas cabin tent that’s perfect for your use, group size and type of trip.

Our cabin tents are packed with functionality so you can get outdoors and simply kick back and relax. All the Prota canvas cabin tents come with a built-in windows, premium bug mesh on the doors and windows and pocket organizers at no additional cost.

The cabin tents have electrical outlets for easy access to devices, and the O-rings make it easy to decorate your tent. The awning is the perfect summer accessory for your cabin tent and can be used as an area to dry wet clothes, set up a cooking area or just hang out.

Features of Canvas Cabin Tents

The great thing about Prota tents is how easy they are to set up and take outside. The cabin tents from White Duck Outdoors are a modern take on the traditional cabin tent, so we’ve also made sure to add in the features and functionality that make your time outside memorable.

Some essential features of cabin tents include:

  • An awning to enjoy shade from the sun and added space outside
  • Large windows (on all sides in the Deluxe editions)
  • D-shaped doors for quick access in and out
  • Quick set up that takes less than 10 minutes, especially after the first time
  • Bug mesh for protection from critters on doors and windows

Benefits of Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are sleek, spacious and stylish and they’re perfect for the outdoors. Owing to their shape, ceiling height and windows they offer several benefits over other kinds of tents. These include:

  • Large windows to enjoy the breeze in warmer weather
  • Aluminum rods that allow for easy setup
  • They take up less overall space than bell tents without the guy-lines
  • The rectangular floor and ceiling height gives you the option to use them creatively
  • They’re perfect for camping or glamping and perform extremely well, in rain or shine