What are Tarps? 

Everyone likes a running back who can turn a wide receiver. We love or futons that turn into beds and our Swiss army knives and multiple purpose beer and wine openers. That is why we love tarps; pure cotton, waterproof items with more uses than I could possibly list, here are 13 reasons for you to buy one today:

 Pure cotton canvas tarps can be used for: 

  1. Use for yard work: No one likes yard work, but hey, this makes it easier.
  2. Create shade and rain protection anywhere: It’s simple, and cheap.
  3. Picnic Blanket: Easy to clean and will give you longevity. 
  4. Ground Cover: Excellent Ground cover for when you go reconnect with outdoors.
  5. Animal Houses or Kids Forts: Why said a strong canvas can’t be fun? 
  6. Art: Use a tarp to paint on. What's art anyways right?Endless Poetry art painting painter alejandro jodorowsky GIF 
  7. Emergency Cover: Painting your house? Use a tarp to cover up the ground.
  8. Make a Tote Bag: Want to carry stuff unconventionally? Go ahead!  
  9. Privacy dividers: Don’t have walls yet, use these sturdy babies. 
  10. Make a hammock: DIY FUN ! 
  11. Protect vehicles etc bikes: Cover basically anything in rough or nice weather, forever.
  12. Keep wood dry: Don’t let your belongings go bad. 
  13. Use as a windbreaker: Easy, cheap and it’ll get the job done. 
  • Sep 25, 2019
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