There are tons of places to camp around in the Florida Keys. Most people assume that the area is dominated by RV sites when in truth there are plenty of camping areas where you can pitch up a canvas tent and find a trail nearby as well. The best part about the island is that you can easily find a good spot which is also an ocean front site. You would be surprised how much crowd visits during the peak winter season and the spiny lobster sports season. No matter what time of the year you go tent camping with the family, there is always something to enjoy at the Florida Keys.


Snorkeling is popular in this tropical paradise as the water around the area is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. You don’t have to snorkel solo either. If you have never done it before you will find a lot of commercial snorkeling tours which make it easier to embark on an underwater adventure after a night of sleeping under the stars.

You can rent a wetsuit if you want. The waters are crystal clear with bright-colored fish and swaying coral. The price of the tour depends on the tour you choose but it goes around to $30 for a person including the rental equipment.

   Camp on the Oceanside Area

This place is where you will find varying campsites with varying charges, so do a bit of research. During the busy season for example between December and March campgrounds can get expensive for you to pitch a tent. Also, if you want the campsite to have a good view of the ocean, you might have to pay more.

The great thing about this place is that you have more options. If you want something more affordable, you can always camp at the Long Key State Park which also has an ocean site. The only difficulty here is to get a reservation so make sure that you book well in advance. If you don’t get the reservation the first time, check again after a while since many people get lucky because someone else cancels their reservation.

   The Best Fish

If you have traveled for camping before you know that one of the perks is that you get to try the fresh local food wherever you are traveling through. In the Florida Keys, you get to try tons of fresh fish prepared in so many ways. While you are there some of the best places to check out for their exquisite cuisine include Ma’s Fish Camp, The Wharf, and Square Grouper. Most people don’t fish and make their way to the popular seafood market to prepare into delicious homemade dishes back at the campsite.

   Visit the Big Pine Flea Market

The Big Pine Flea Market is where you can buy flowering orchids, handmade rugs, wind chimes made of shells, coconut shells, and books. Before you leave the Florida Keys and end your camping trip, give this place a visit. More than just another marketplace this is the place where everyone gathers at the weekend. You can find unique treasures here for souvenirs for people back home. And if you like it’s also one of the best places for fresh produce in the area.

   Old Sites

Bridges make the Florida Keys what it is. There are 42 bridges in the area that extend to the 113-mile long highway. Without this Florida Keys would be impossible to get to. The interesting thing about these bridges is that when they build a new one, the old one is used as a walking bridge where you can ride bikes, take a stroll and even go fishing. The most famous bridge here is the Seven Mile Bridge. There is a two-mile section of it is kept for foot and bicycle traffic.

   Biking in Key West

The Florida Keys is more than a way to bond with nature while you camp. It truly means taking a break from your routine. The island is full of activities which is one reason it is so crowded all year round. Campers usually pick the best mode of transport here which is on a bike. If you want, you can even take a tour of the island on your bike and find that you covered a lot of ground. You can visit the Caribbean style store, explore the inventive architecture, and even tour the bike path next to the sea wall. Also, don’t bother with the hassle of taking your own bike along with all the camping equipment, you can easily rent these near most campsites.

   Kayaking in the Florida Keys

The Keys are all about its ocean front recreation. During your camping trip, one of the best ways to enjoy the trip is by kayaking. It would be a good idea if you plan this in your itinerary beforehand so that you reserve one day for exploring the many areas kayaking tours take you. You can paddle in spots like the mangrove-lined canals, the shallow waters next to the shore, the saltwater marshes, and the uninhabited islands. You can rent your own kayak near a waterfront campsite.

   Wildlife in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is home to the Key Deer, a shrunken deer species no bigger than a large dog. These friendly animals are another attraction for many tourists. The best places to sight them are around Big Pine where you can walk around a trail during your camping trip. Most of this area is preserved as an official deer refuge. At a point in time, natural disasters and human actions had almost wiped out the animal. The refuge was set up in the 1950s and since then you will see plenty of these friendly miniature deer roaming free on the island.

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