If you have ever travelled solo you’d agree that any solo trip needs more planning than otherwise. Why? Because you have only yourself to depend on for every major or minor thing. The prospect of solo camping seems daunting for sure as you have no one but yourself as a company. But with the right attitude and best camping gear like Canvas Tents you can be assured of a very vivid experience- something that you may not have experienced before.

Here’s some expert advice to make the most of it for those who are planning a solo trip for the first time…

  1. Know your Camping Gear

This is something you should do before setting out on your trip. Learn to set up your tent, how to straighten the poles, which angles are the best for what kind of platform, and what to do when the weather takes an unexpected twist. When buying a tent, you need to make sure it’s easy to set up, comfortable, waterproof, and well-ventilated. Canvas Bell Tents from White Duck Outdoors are something you could as they are easy to set up and fulfill all the requirement for solo camping trips.And we do not want to waste half a day setting up our tent, do we?

Another thing you need to look for in your camping gear is your sleeping bag. You need to feel cozy and warm when sleeping, for that’s the only way to feel fresh the next morning.

  1. Travel Light

The best part about camping solo is that you need to carry stuff that only you’d need, nothing extra. So make sure you have all the basic necessities that would make your trip exciting, but not luxurious.

  1. Familiarise with the location

It is normal to experience initial boredom when starting with solo camping. So after you have sorted easily setting up your camping tent, take a stroll around your campsite. Don’t go digging in too deep into the woods right in the beginning, but just explore the flora and fauna surrounding you. A little study on the areas nearby prior to arriving at the location will also help.

  1. Cooking surprises

In the daily hustle-bustle of your urban life we generally forget to give ourselves the time we deserve. Camping is the right time to surprise yourself with cooking skills. You are the Chef, and you are the critic, explore how well you cook with minimal resources and surprise yourself!

  1. Pamper yourself

Get up whenever you want to, spend your day doing what you love, read if you like, take a walk to explore, light a fire and play some music to yourself- it’s sometimes in our best interest to not accommodate ourselves for others. Solo camping gives you that freedom and rejuvenation you’ve wanted for long.

A solo camping trip is not only one of the best means to go on an urban-detox but also tells you about your degree of preparedness to live with minimal resources. Ready for your solo camping trip? Check out White Duck Outdoors for best Canvas Wall and Bell Tents.

  • May 18, 2020
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