How to Clean Mold from your Cotton Canvas Tent

Summer season is usually the “trips and picnics” season along with the highest humidity factor on average. The damp weather quality constantly ruins the camps by gathering moisture and developing an encouraging environment for mold. If you are planning to camp, make sure to perform a clean check for your cotton canvas tent to prevent, dirt and mold ruining your trip through its smell and unhygienic qualities.

Bell Tent

Mold and its effects:

A mold is a form of fungus which needs energy from the sun to cultivate itself. It can easily grow through stale and musty organic items. Damp places like; Rain forest and Upcountry Hawaii encourages its growth. Mold might take a minimum of 24 hours to take place on our canvas tents which is why preventing its cultivation and cleaning of our outdoor equipment after intervals of few days is essential.

Apart from bad smell and being untouchable, mold can also be the reason of forming rot, holes, and tears and can also result in a loss of the whole tent. Being experienced to mold in the surroundings, we can conclude that our canvas tents can be destroyed by mold, in the end, costing us a bill of dollars for purchasing a new one.

The deep cleaning process for mold removal:

The key is to avoid this “precaution”, but molds can appear at any place at any time. However, if your tent is caught up by mold, you don’t have to worry! As we are enlisting the method below that’ll help you out from this mess with involving just two people.

The required products/tools:

The products and tools are stated as under:

  • A brush/broom with soft bristles.
  • A stir stick; smooth ended de-barked tree branch or a broom handle.
  • A water hose.
  • Oxyclean bucket (powder form).
  • Floor cleaning items (Mop, mild soap or kitchen/bathroom cleaning detergent powder).
  • A large container in which the tent’s canopy can be soaked in and extra space to stir and manipulate it (Trash can, 55-gallon drum, etc).
  • A suitable weather temperature for around 24-48 hours to allow the tent to dry properly.
  • A “DryGuy Canvas Waterproofing” Solution encouraging future prevention for a limited time period.

Broom To Clean

Step by step method:

  1. Clean the tent from all the dirt, debris and dust with the help of a soft broom or brush.
  2. The canopy and floor of the cotton canvas tent should be cleaned separately. Separate the floor and the canopy. The guy-lines can also be used but do retreat them, in the end, to avoid and protect it from the UV damage.
  3. Fill the large gallon with warm water up till 30 cm or 1 foot. Depending on the dirt level of your tent and instructions printed on the powder box, add numerous cups of Oxyclean powder accordingly.
  4. Stir until water dissolves the powder completely. Warm water tends to be more helpful in dissolving solutions thoroughly.
  5. Except for the floor of the tent, soak the rest tent parts in the solution.
  6. Fill it with more water until the cotton canvas tent is soaked properly.
  7. Agitate and stir the tent so that it gets soaked properly and gets dissolved in completely into the solution.
  8. Soak the tent for 4 – 10 hours and stir it with intervals. You can soak it and leave it for overnight too.
  9. Take out the tent from the solution and place it on a clean and dry floor. Brush, sweep and rinse the tent, the way we do to clean our floors.
  10. Discard the dirty water from the container in which the canvas was soaked.
  11. Rinse off the tent and tightly roll it up to get the cotton squeezed, in order to remove the residue. Check whether it needs another round of soaking or not; if yes, then repeat the soaking process with the large container, Oxyclean and warm water.
  12. If, the cotton canvas seems reasonably tidy, soak it in water only and use the tool to stir and agitate to remove the soap and solutions then dump the water. Repeat the process until the discarded water comes out soap free.
  13. Pull the canvas over the cleaned up tent floor and then pitch it. Or, you can also spread the tent floor on the top of your car, and then place the canvas on its top so that it will assist with its weight and the floor won’t drop or run off. Do not place the canvas directly at your car as; the Oxyclean can be harmful to the clear-coat.
  14. Hose your tent again until you are sure that there is no soap leftover in the material.
  15. Leave your tent to dry completely.
  16. Treat your cotton canvas tent with an effective water-proofing solution; for example, DryGuy.

Casual campers should ensure that they don’t pack damp, wet and dirty tents on winding up their trip to avoid mold on their tents. Leave it under the sun to self-dry and then dust off the dirt from each pole, side, and parts and then fold it up for the storage. If you are still unable to dry your canvas tent at the moment, then loosely fold the tent for commuting towards home and dry it by spreading over your garage or living room.

We in Whiteduckoutdoors provide all the tents made from 100% Cotton Canvas with Water and Fire repellent and Mildew resistant. Which brings your effort to half. As after untidiness you will be required to clean but having zero tension for mildew. For more user details, you can follow up with website, or just drop us a message we will contact you.

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