How to Camp in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Because White Duck Outdoors wants you to explore outdoors without ruining them. 

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Plan: Plan everything in advance. Sure we all love a spontaneous break away from the daily grind to be in nature. But just a 20 to 30 minute planning session will help you:

  • Get pumped for the trip to come
  • Figure out how you can save on fuel (bunk up in cars y’all)
  • Decide what food to get (Get bigger containers, support brands that support the environment) 
  • Meal Prep…. Not everything needs to be bought on the road.

Use reusable containers. (I’ve been using my empty box of cheese balls to store change...… Can’t wait for that payday) 

Environmentally friendly disposable jar for safe and responsible outdoor camping

Buy Biodegradable trash bags: You can find these at any local store. It might cost you a dollar more or so, but help us all in the long run. 

Burn responsibly: FIRSTLY, stop and check where you are. Then look at , to see if you should be having a fire there. I know I am being a downer; but trust me, better safe than sorry. Once you’re safe, go ahead and choose a spot with a fire ring. 

How to create a fire ring safely when outdoor camping

Wood: Get wood from the ground nearby, don’t go rogue cutting trees. Also don’t buy wood, save that money and put it in the epic cheese ball container idea I just told you about. Don’t treat your fire like a garbage can, use that tarp to collect your waste. It’ll get tempting after a few beers, but don’t throw into the fire. Remember also make sure the fire is extinguished safely before the night is over. In case you need to protect the excess wood from rain or any other substance, make sure you go for a Waterproof Canvas Tarp because its breathable and sustainable. 


Get the right tent: Synthetic/Man-made fiber tents are usually made from chemicals that are coated in heavy dosage causing low air permeability resulting in limited breathability  which in turn causes condensation build up inside tents (Making it highly uncomfortable). Two major red flags in synthetic fabrics:

  • Heavy trace of  Perfluorocarbons ;These will enter your bloodstream when you breath near your tent, and have been linked to cancer. (Read more in our footnotes)
  • The process of manufacturing synthetics fabrics results in heavy carbon emissions & Toxic Gases. (Read more in our footnotes). 

White Duck Cotton Canvas Tents are made with 100% Cotton that is breathable and natural. This natural material is not man made and this is what makes it so great. Mother nature allows for these tents to give you the inverse insulation effect, which means it will adapt to your surrounding temperature, keeping you warm in the cold, and cooler when it gets hot to you.

They are also part of the BCI, the Better Cotton Initiative. Only 14% of the world is part of this initiative that promotes fair, responsible and sustainable use of cotton.

So go on ahead and #RECONNECT with nature without ruining it.

  • Nov 06, 2019
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