In an era of notifications and Whatsapp pings, a digital detox can help you get relief from stress and daily routine. You know what is the best way to take a break from the routine? Staying in the wild. From a camping trip with family and friends, to hiking with your colleagues, and glamping with your loved one, living in the lap of nature helps you relax and rejuvenate. It acts as a natural booster to your mental health especially when you live comfortably in tents that are as breathable as nature itself. Yes, Canvas tents are what we are referring to.

Along with your mental health, physical health matters a great deal and so does the food that you’re consuming. It’s an understood fact that you cannot really have the same meal spread on a camping trip like you have at Home, but there are definitely a few recipes you’d love enjoying on a camping trip and make the outing worthwhile for you. We list down healthy snacks to have on a camping trip.

  1. Grilled Baby potatoes with Thyme and Rosemary

Expected to be served on the sides during dinner, you can easily make this on a grill or campfire. All you need to do is to carry some seasoning like Thyme and rosemary along with you.


  1. Greek Salad with Dressing of your choice

Lettuce, onions, Black olives, Bell peppers, Tomato, cucumber, Juice of a lime, feta cheese crumbs, Olive oil, Oregano, black pepper and salt. Mix them all up, and your Greek salad is ready. You may choose to add more greens or replace any if you don’t quite like the taste of it.


  1. Chicken and Black Bean Nachos

Foil cooking is one of the most-sought cooking experiences when camping. For this recipe use some shredded chicken, a small chopped onion, corn kernels, black beans, your preferred cheese, Kosher salt, Tortilla chips and any seasoning of your choice. If you are using a canvas tent from White Duck Outdoors you may use the pre-installed stove jack for a manual rotisserie grill for chicken. Toss, onions, corn and black beans in a bowl. Mix cheese. Put them all in an aluminium foil, seal it well and grill the packet over indirect heat till cheese melts. Put out the tortilla chips and place the foil contents on each of them. Season and serve.


  1. Fiery veggies

What better than some chilli-hot veggies tossed in you favourite sauce that you get to crunch along a riverside? Use your choice of vegetables like Zucchini, Corn, carrot, tomatoes, bell peppers, and asparagus, roast them on the grill. Make sure the size difference isn’t too large else it may take a lot of time to cook. Drizzle Sriracha sauce, lemon, red pepper flakes and black salt once grilled. Serve.


  1. Mason Jar Oats pudding

This is a no-fire recipe, so basically you need not cook anything. You may be camping but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on healthy breakfast recipes. For an Oats pudding, all you need is some rolled oats, milk, Honey or your choice of sweetener and a look for some fruit nearby. Put the oats in the Mason Jar, pour milk, stir well to make sure there are no lumps, you may add Chia seeds if you like. Leave the jar overnight. For Breakfast, drizzle honey, throw in some strawberry, walnuts or Bananas on the top and serve.


  1. Soup and Bread sticks

We need to keep our baggage light when camping. So don’t forget to pack some Ready-To-Eat Noodles, Soup, and snacks when leaving for your trip. Boil water, empty the packet ingredients in the kettle, stir well, serve with some black pepper, and Butter Bread sticks.

There are a number of easy recipes you can choose to make when camping, depending on your food preferences. However, make sure you have a couple of pre-packaged snacks and ready-to-eat material with you. Also, don’t forget to plan your meals in advance.

  • Jun 09, 2020
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