Why #Reconnect should be your New, New Years Resolution

Finally, the start of a new decade; we all toasted and planned excitedly as the unbelievably long 2019 came to an end. 

How did we celebrate? 

The way we always do, we made big resolutions and set lofty goals as our hopes and dreams were at an all time high. 


new year resolution


Fast forward 17 days. 

Our plans have failed. 



Scared? Disappointed? Angrier at yourself than you were the cast and production of Game of Thrones? 

Don’t worry!!

We have a new, better resolution for you. Reconnecting with the outdoors; Making the most of your surroundings; exploring new trails as you blaze your own trail. 



This is why your new resolution should be enjoying the outdoors:

1. It’ll break your usual cycle. Word Hard? Play Hard? Repeat? That constant cycle will soon become mundane. No matter how good of a balance you have set between work and your personal life; you should always try new things. So break your cycle by taking a nice bell tent to a nearby campsite and enjoy the view. 

2. Its good for health: Science Daily shows how being outside is proven to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of diabetes among many other benefits. 

Pretty neat huh? 

So find a canvas tent grab you buddies and go take a nice break together. It’ll be healthier than going out to a bar or binge watching Netflix for the rest of the weekend. 


3. It’s not as expensive as you think: A common misconception is that buying your own tent and going camping is extremely expensive. But it's not. Find a good wall tent for sale; it’ll be the best investment you’ll make…. Well all year. A good cotton canvas tent is a sturdy, 4 season tent that will be by your side for a long time and help you make great memories. Think of it as multiple vacations, your tent, with its easy bag storage makes you incredible mobile. Yosemite one day and Grand Canyon the next? 

Say what?

4. It’s not as hard or gross as you think: Another common misconception is that the camping and being outside over the span of a few days is hard… and rough. A few minor changes can easily turn your canvas tent into a great glamping tent. So get the bare necessities OR your fancy fixins (if that’s more your style) and get out there as soon as you can.

5. It’s not as seasonal as you think: One of the best things about cotton canvas tents is it breathability and inverse insulating nature. Cotton canvas tents can easily be winter tents, with heavy 10 oz. canvas and stove jacks, you will be cozy and warm no matter what the conditions outside. Check out what “Girl in Woods” Brooke Whipple does as she makes her tent hot in the freezing winter cold

Check Out Brooke Whipple's Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlfWE0O1GHs&t=525s!



6. A reason to eat some S’mores: This one is pretty self explanatory.

7. It’s just awesome: Simply put; being outdoors is awesome. The fresh air, scenic views and the great exercise without knowing it; camping and the outdoors lifestyle is just excellent. Complete your adventure goals and squad goals while experiencing pure freedom. There is an abundance of campsites, terrains and views to keep things fresh, while you refresh your mind away from the daily grind. 

So like… What are you reading this blog indoors for? Get the best canvas tents now… and start #reconnecting now. 


  • Jan 19, 2020
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