Anyone who’s ever been to Coachella has at least pitched his or her own tent at least once. If you’re looking to maximize your time at Coachella you should definitely be camping onsite.

What is Coachella anyway?

If you didn’t know about much Coachella before today don’t be embarrassed. Most people don’t know about Coachella when they hear about it. In fact, many of the attendees are often first timers.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or Coachella for short, is an annual music festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. From Indie music to EDM, the festival features some of the most famous and talented artists from around the world each year.

The roots of the event go as far back as 1993, when Pearl Jam refused to play at Ticketmaster venues. Looking to boycott they ended up holding a concert in the Empire Polo Club. Although the first official Coachella Festival happened years after in 1999. Making this year Coachella’s 20th anniversary!

The festival happens every year in April, with the tickets going up for sale as early as January. If you haven’t snagged some by now you’re a little late. But don’t panic yet, there are alternative options to get ahold of one. Be sure to keep checking their official website and join the waitlist or perhaps stalk resellers like seatgeek.

Signboard showing Welcome to Coachella

Canvas Tents for Coachella

If there is ever a debate about what kind of tent is best for Coachella, the answer is always Canvas tents.

Why a Canvas Tent?

Canvas tents are better designed for long duration camping, such as week-long festivals or hunting trips. Made from natural fibers like cotton they are also better at handling weather and environments like winter or desert camping.


One of the major reasons why canvas tents are considered superior. A breathable fabric allows airflow, allowing moisture and condensation to flow through. This breathability also helps keep the interior humidity level the same as outside levels.


Canvas tents are made from thick fibers giving them added strength and durability. When properly taken care of, Canvas tents can last a lifetime.

Fire/Water Resistance

Due to the nature of the fibers used in canvas, they are naturally water resistant. While other fabrics can also be water resistant, they can easily go up in flames against fire. Compared to them canvas is much more difficult to burn. With state of the art premium treatment exclusive to Canvas Fabric, Canvas Tents can become both Water & Fire Repellent.

Bell Tents

Due to their simple design and sleek look, bell tents are often the preferred choice by ‘glampers’. Modern bell tents are carefully designed to meet every camping and glamping needs. No matter what some say, bell tents are actually very spacious, enough to place a room full of furniture inside. If you’re ever looking for a fancy tent, whether it’s Coachella or your backyard, the bell tent will always be an eye-catcher.

Regatta Bell Tent by White Duck Outdoors

Cabin Tents

A bigger and better version of dome and tunnel tents. Cabin tents are taller than most other similar tents, allowing you stand up and walk inside freely. With a classic tent look, and many modern camping features, the cabin tents of today are made to provide comfort and convenience no matter where you are.  

Family Explorer Deluxe by White Duck Outdoors


Before you head out

Being prepared is the key to enjoying any event. You might already have a packing list ready and prepared but there are things you might not be aware of. Here are some key tips that you should read before you head on over to California.

1. Check the rules

As with most festivals, there is always a strict set of rules. Breaking them can easily result in fines or in rare cases even getting kicked out early! Be sure to read and reread the Coachella’s official Festival Rules.

2. Arrive Early

Arriving early at the camping site gives you a better choice of finding a desirable spot. Being late will likely end up with you pitching your tent far away, sometimes in very tight spaces. Worst case scenario, you’re pitched near to the toilets.

3. Practice your pitch

If you are a first timer at Coachella, let’s assume it’s also your first time setting up a tent. Practice pitching your tent before you go to the event. You may find someone to help you figure out how to pitch your tent, it's better if you know how your own tent works.

4. Clear the ground

A common rookie mistake, not clearing the ground from all the rocks or other objects. Not only is it uncomfortable when sleeping, this can result in damage to your tent or groundsheet.

5. Bring Repairing Kits

It’s not uncommon when tents or a part of it gets damaged or lost. It’ll never hurt to bring a repair kit to patch a canvas, or spare guy ropes & pegs. Some of the most random things often happen at festivals, so it’s better to be prepared.

6. Secure your valuables

You should always keep your most valuable belongings on yourself. A runner’s belt or even a fanny pack is incredibly useful in keeping your phone or wallet always on yourself. You can also use a small padlock on your tent zipper for added measure, you don’t want any pilferers going through your tent when you’re not around.

7. Folding Chair

After all the constant jumping and dancing you need a place to sit down and relax. Bring a folding chair for yourself, you will not regret it. Unless you’re hardcore like that.

8. Ear plugs

Even though there is a set curfew at 1:30 am, there’s always going to be someone trying to keep the party going. If you want to catch up on sleep it’s not a bad idea to bring a set of ear plugs.

9. Battery Packs

While there are charging stations at the festival, its best to bring your own Usb Battery Packs (Portable Power Banks) to help you recharge your phone, camera or other devices and accessories. Just be sure to hide them or you will become a charging station yourself.

Camping at Coachella is truly a part of the festival. Hopefully, if you follow along with what you know now, Coachella can truly be a quality camping experience you will never forget.

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