Campfire & Marshmallows — a Match made in Heaven

When people think about camping in the winters so eventually people picture those warming bonfires and those gatherings and stories told around campfire and most important of all those marshmallows roasting by the heat of the fire.

These are off course memories that stay alive in your head for a lifetime. Marshmallows are the most fun part of a bonfire wherever it is set at a beach or in the woods. So to make the process of easier there are some tips and tricks that will help make it easier and tastier.

First of all, the things on the list that we need to to know is how to set up fire ? A pile of grass, dryer lint, paper, char cloth. Small twigs to use as kindling. Build it gradually outward and upward from small to large, leaving plenty of free space for air. Gradually add branches as soon as it has caught fire.

Secondly, choosing the right the stick for roasting and also the way of that you would be inserting the to roast the marshmallow as there are some sticks that don’t melt from heat or even break .You are also recommended to insert the whole stick inside to prevent slipping of the marshmallow. But eventually stacking one by one and roasting them one by one is always recommended.

Once the tree branches start becomes ashes and getting less you will disappear then the red coals will start glowing. By then the place just above the fire is the right place to roast your marshmallow. Start handling the stick in which you inserted the marshmallow above that fire and start rotating it rotate the stick as you go so the heat toasts the marshmallow equally on every side.

You’ll see the outer surface turn brown as it cooks. You can either keep up a steady rotation until the marshmallow is light brown all over, or cook one side until it’s done, then start rotating again but from another side, The heat coming off from this coal oven will caramelize that sugar , and there are no gout of fire to ruin the majestic white.

Precautions: If you aim for the perfect marshmallow toast try placing it over a blown out fire because placing it directly over the fire will might end up with a black coal as output. Also if the heat causes the marshmallow catch up fire then don’t violently just pull over the marshmallow to your side because if it interacts with interacts with your skin then it might cause some really serious burns that will really hurt. After pulling it out wait at least 30–70 seconds because they are extremely hot as soon as they are taken out.

They are so many different options you can try with Marshmallows in addition to roasting them while camping or setting up tent:

Roasted Marshmallow with Hot Chocolate is the perfect blend for a chilly night!

Nutella sandwich cookie with marshmallow sandwiched in between is also the crunchy gooey treat

Ooey, gooey and slightly singed, is there anything better than a sticky-sweet toasted marshmallow? Skewered and cooked over an open camp fire or sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers to make s’mores, they’re basically the most decadent treat on Earth esp when you get to enjoy with family, partner or friend.

Which marshmallow treat do you usually enjoy the most? Comment below if you have used any of the above or if you have more interesting ideas. Cheers!!

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