Are you thinking about your next outdoor adventure? Planning camping activities is important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research about a comfortable shelter which is sturdy enough to protect you yet is light and portable to carry around.

Many camping enthusiasts have trouble choosing between a tent and a swag. While each system has its pros and cons, a simple swag can offer much more benefits. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia and is portable. With time, the basic canvas swag with a mattress inside has evolved greatly. You can find a lot of advancements in material and design.

Today, a swag can keep you dry and off the ground during a camping trip and even act as a spare bed during the kids’ sleepover parties.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of choosing a swag for your next camping trip:

1- Easy setting and pack up

One of the biggest advantages of using a swag is that it is easy to set up. If you a beginner to camping, then a swag can save a lot of time and energy. It sets up within seconds and allows you to sit back and relax while your friends are still struggling with their cumbersome tents.

Simply turn up at your chosen campsite, keep the swag on the floor and unroll it. Most swags only require two pegs to set up. You can even skip this step if you tie it to a tree or vehicle. Also, you can even throw your sleeping bag or blanket inside the swag while traveling and you’ll have a quick and efficient system on hand.

When your trip is over, packing it up is as simple if not easier. Roll it up and hit the road. Yes, it barely takes a minute. All in all, a swag provides a similar comfort level as compared to a tent but with a lot of ease.

2- Just bring the essentials

If you have planned a simple overnighter, then all you need is a swag. Simply roll in your sleeping bag, pillow, blanket and other essentials in it. This way, you will only have a single piece of luggage to carry around and in your vehicle. A swag takes lesser room than a tent and is ideal for hiking.  They’re lightweight too.

3- Better temperature control

Whether you are camping during summers or winters, a swag will be your best friend for a comfortable night’s sleep. On a cold night, a swag can stay warmer than a normal tent as its heavy canvas retains body warmth. The PVC vinyl floor also helps in trapping the heat inside and keeps the coolness of the ground at bay. Plus, the inbuilt foam mattress of a swag is much better than an air mattress to keep you warm and cozy.

But don’t worry. All these features won’t let you sweat during the hot summer months. On a hot summer night, all you need to do is to throw back the top canvas layer and open the ventilation windows to help air flow in. The mesh windows keep the creepy crawlies away while allowing the cool wind to flow inside.

4- Highly durable

A swag is made of materials that can withstand years and years of rough use. Manufacturers make sure that swags survive even the toughest environmental factors. They’re durable and you don’t need to be gentle when handling them. Simply toss them in your car’s trunk or keep them in the attic when you’re not using them. Swags are designed to last you ages even if you use them during stormy weather or hot desert safaris.

5- Enjoy stargazing

Unlike a tent, a swag provides you a chance to sleep directly under the sky. All you need to do is to lie on the warm foam mattress inside the swag and peel back the canvas layer. The mesh layer of the swag keeps the mosquitoes and other bugs away while you doze off gazing at the starry sky.

It’s a delight to use in summer months and the solid canvas sides of the swag will keep you feeling safe and secure throughout the night.

6- Sleep Comfortably

Thanks to the heavy canvas material that is used on a swag, little sunlight sneaks in after sunrise. This means you won’t have to wake up before you want to. The heavy canvas ensures that you feel safe all night long and also deadens sounds from the outside. A swag promises you an incredibly comfortable good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

7- Natural materials

We all know that camping is all about getting in touch with raw nature. And honestly, a brightly colored tent in artificial materials doesn’t look very appealing amidst the trees and mountains. So, if you are looking for a shelter that uses natural materials and blends in with the surroundings, then a swag is the way to go.

8- No need for pegs

As we mentioned earlier, most swags come with pegs but it totally up to you whether you decide to use them or not. If you’ve forgotten the pegs or are facing difficulty in hitting them in, then you can skip the step. A swag is designed in such a way that it will easily hold its own weight. But if you are at the risk of coming across some strong winds, then it is advisable to tie the swag’s head or foot string to a car or a tree for protection.

We hope that the above-mentioned reasons have convinced you to take a swag along the next time you go camping. Take our word for it and try it one time. We promise you that you’ll be addicted to swag camping.

Have you ever camped in a canvas swag before? If yes, share your experiences with us and motivate fellow campers too.

  • Jul 19, 2018
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