Camping at Kirk Creek, California is an unforgettable experience in its own right. The Kirk Creek Campground is evenly perched on an elongated bluff right along the Big Sur’s south coast. And as far as camping grounds go, it is one of the most beautiful coastal campgrounds that may be found anywhere – or at least in rural California.

This amazing campground basically sits 100 around feet above sea level, and this is why it offers absolutely stunning views of the Santa Lucia Mountains as they march onwards towards the Pacific Ocean.

  A Great Chance to Enjoy the Scenery & Connect with Nature

While all of the campsites at the Kirk Creek Campground offer year-round scenic ocean views,  the sites located nearer to the ocean offer a bit of an extra buffer when it comes to getting away from highway One. Once you are well and truly away from any visible aspects of civilization you will be able to commune with nature and also enjoy completely unobstructed views that are just irresistible.

Note that all of the campsites are located on open and grassy areas, with very limited natural shade available. This is why it is absolutely imperative to pitch a high quality Canvas tent to keep yourself protected.

Since there is a pronounced lack of shade, the several hike trials as well as biker walk-in sites (almost all of them in fact) are located close by a eucalyptus grove. This place is slightly away from the main parts of the campground so the hikers can truly commune with Mother Nature in peace and serenity. However, you should do well to remember that there are no RV hook-up points available at some of the sites. But nevertheless, there are a few sites at Kirk Creek that can easily accommodate larger vehicles including RVs.

The campground itself is located very close to Kirk Creek (and that is why it also bears its name). In fact, the creek opens up to a small rocky beach that is just a very short walk down one of the hiking trails. So, if you are in the area, do not be surprised if you walk right onto am ‘out of the way’ beach, far away from prying eyes. However, you should make sure that you are carrying your fishing tackle and gear. The very secluded nature means that it is just simply teaming with fish, which you can catch and fry on an open-air stove, right outside your tent.

  Sand Dollar Beach

Around about five miles or so south of Kirk Creek is the almost indescribably beautiful Sand Dollar Beach. You would love to take a really long walk to this place. It would be well worth your time since it is Big Sur’s largest stretch of sand. Thanks to the relative isolation of the place from mainstream civilization, the clear and unpolluted waters of this beach are highly popular with surfers, beachcombers, as well as anglers. These last have been known to have made some real prize catches in their own right.

You can even bike your way to the beach since the mountains that rise directly behind the campground also offer additional biking hiking, as well as horseback riding options too. All of them combined serve to make a visit to Sand Dollar beach an absolute must.


Kirk Creek is a popular coastal campground. In fact, it is one of the single most popular coastal beach camping grounds currently available today in the state. Add to that the fact that it has a very small number of sites in comparison to its popularity. This is why obtaining a reservation is a difficult proposition, to say the least.  Many if not most, prudent people interested in camping at Kirk Creek, plan pretty early. Like really early; which is possible since reservations are accepted all the way up to six months in advance, or so.

Apart from the above, another point that should be noted is that is a dearth of potable water at Kirk Creek Campground. This is why it is imperative that should try and bring your own drinking water supply or fill your water containers at the nearby (conveniently located) Limekiln State Park.

Even though certain sections of the greater Big Sur area have also been affected by a bridge rebuild project, it is nonetheless quite possible to still enjoy a lot of the naturally beautiful Central Coast area that sure does have a lot to offer. As a matter of fact, just the expansive networks of trails that crisscross the region are all of 323 miles worth. As many backpackers and even bikers will testify, the area along the coast, as well as the almost equally well known Los Padres National Forest located nearby, is a hiker’s dream come true.

This amazing dog (and other pets) friendly campsite also includes 33 tent sites as well and all of these sites are well equipped with a fire ring, a picnic table, and grill.

  Amazing Natural Features

The gorgeous vistas are not restricted to the ocean alone, but rather they also include the mountains, and the forest, too. While the campsites are both spacious and open and located on lush green grass.

Since all of the sites do boast of an ocean view, the sunrises and sunsets are absolutely outstanding and well worth a visit to the park in their own right.

  Wilde life

Some of the more common wildlife in the area also includes bobcat, deer fox, and raccoon. And if you are really lucky, you just might catch a glimpse of a mountain lion or even a bear. But there is no reason to fear since they have never been known to enter the campground, itself.  And if you happen to be there, in the migration season (typically lasting from November all the way to early spring in February each year) you might be able to see the great whales migrating along the coast.

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