Thanks to the trip planner, our first camping experience had been pretty decent. While our stay wasn’t planned for more than two days, we made sure we had everything that sought what to carry for a perfect camping trip. The budget was minimal and yet we ended up taking a good number of things we didn’t use only to regret it later.

More often that never essentials to carry for your first camping trip apart from a basic canvas tent depends on the duration you plan to go camping for. However, there are a few basic things you need to do before going on your first camping trip. Read on…

  1. Make note of Essentials

When traveling away from home, nothing puts off our mood than forgotten toothpaste, or your favourite shower towel. But that has a backup when you are in an urban land. When in the wild you have no option left, and you might as well end up ruining your mood right at the start of the trip. So, make a checklist, and start striking things off your list.

  1. Buying a tent

With a good lot of materials, shapes and sizes of tent available in the market, weather of the location, and the number of people going to stay in, it gets confusing to choose one that would suit your requirements. Go for a tent that suits all weather conditions and guarantees comfort for you to choose camping as a hobby. Buying your first tent is a part of your camping experience. White Duck Outdoors has a wide range of Canvas and Bell tents in-a-budget to cover all your needs.

  1. Forecast: Weather, Cooking and Food Supplies

It is always recommended that you take a note of the weather around the time you plan to go camping, and choose meals that do not involve cooking complications. As you’ll be spending all of your time outdoors, plan all your meals around grilling or dishes that require boiling water like ready-to-eat food packets or boil-in noodles. For cooking accessories, a frying pan, a saucepan, serving spoons and a kettle for hot water should do.

  1. Restroom essentials

Well, we can at least call them restroom essentials if not have one at the location. Most campsites close to the town have a common-washroom setup somewhere around the site. Always carry at least two rolls of toilet paper and a bottle of liquid soap, a bucket and mug. A small bottle of body lotion/Olive oil is recommended when going camping during winters and facial tissues for summers. Also, don’t forget a pair of flip-flops or crocs considering you are going to work around water for sometime.

  1. Other essentials

Torches or flashlights, some firewood in case you don’t want to go out chopping at the site, sleeping bag for each person, a first-aid kit, an extra set of clothes for each family member, a set of batteries, a lantern, a mosquito-repellent lotion/spray- whichever works better for you, and a cookstove. Luckily, Canvas Tents by White Duck Outdoors is designed with a preinstalled stove jack which serves both purposes- warming your tent and cooking as well.

Camping for the first time can be an exhilarating experience if you start right and have the required set of essentials. Not only it gives you a break from the monotonous lifestyle, but also is a great disaster-preparedness skill to possess. So, when are you planning to experience camping for the first time?

  • May 17, 2020
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