Summer is that incredible time of the year when we all look to take a break from the monotonous activities of everyday life and indulge in a little self-pampering. It is also an ideal time for camping with children.

Kids who have never gone camping usually like to know what conventional summer camp activities entail, or rather, what they can expect to do all day at camp.

Although most camps provide their unique special events, there are some specific activities and ideas which produce thoughts of carefree, fun and thrilling days at camp. In this light, here are seven thrilling summer camp ideas kids and families can enjoy year after year.

1. Canoeing

Although not all camps provide the opportunity to jump in a canoe to explore the water, the ones which do are usually rated the best for fun.

If you are looking for fun and thrill, this is one of the best summer camp ideas. This is because kids love the opportunity to control and navigate their own canoe, while they check out all the surrounding wildlife, in new and fun ways.

Kids and families especially love canoeing because they get access to extensive and beautiful waterways which are full of manatees, dolphins, fish, and a lot more! Also, if you have ever traveled through a cavernous mangrove canal by a canoe, you will be familiar with the breathtaking sights and experiences that canoeing tends to offer. They are just unmatched, which makes canoeing one of the favorite summer camp activities.

2. Team Sports

A lot of children enjoy sports. However, at school and often on the small league field competition could really heat up, which causes sports and games to lose the fun. This is because when sports get too competitive they may create serious issues for children, both physically and emotionally.

So, at summer camp it is better to opt for games which can bring out more excitement and fun instead of competition. As the focus is not on winning but rather working together, it is likely that everyone will feel more accomplished, and more importantly, a vital part of the team.

Many kids do not even prefer sports elsewhere; however, they love conventional non-competitive sports that are played at summer camp. Some great summer camp sports include flag tag, kickball, and soccer.

3. Art and Craft

Kids love fun activities. So, to keep them engaged and productive at camp, art and craft camp activities are certainly a good way to keep them occupied.

From making cards to pencil holders, kids can be creative when they are given a few items to work with.

Land art is also a famous activity. Kids usually go for hats and boots designs. At times, they make heart-shaped designs using broken tree branches. Wind chimes is another fun land art activity. On the other hand, you can experiment with crayon rubbing art as kids love painting. The designs and textures that kids make are phenomenal. Crayon painting is also harmless, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

4. Hiking

Hiking is easily one of the most thrilling and fun ways to get away from the technology, monotony and other routine distractions. Getting together to discover the outdoors is a great way for campers to bond as well as experience nature in an interactive and fun way.

Also, hiking to destinations such as lookout points or waterfalls can allow campers to view their surroundings from a new and different perspective while feeling a sense of achievement.

It is an incredible way for young and old campers to develop friendships and get that much-needed exercise while getting a new appreciation and feel for the outdoors.

Conquering difficult obstacles and hiking to exciting locations is a thrilling and rewarding experience for those involved. To get out and explore the surroundings of your campsite is an extremely fun and enthralling camp activity.

5. Horseback Riding

For most adventurous campers, young and old, horseback riding is a great summer camp activity. Horseback riding is an incredible way to experience outdoors.

Also, interacting with wild animals makes riding a fun and unique way of experiencing nature. It can create a strong and deep bond between summer campers and their lively outdoor experiences.

Keep in mind that there are many levels of horseback riding for people who’re more advanced and also for those who like a more leisurely or laid-back riding experience. Plus, this can make horseback riding a fantastic activity for almost all campers.

6. Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is one of the best and simplest thrills most kids can get. This is why summer camps, in particular, should utilize this fun activity. Various tree climbing systems could allow summer campers to climb high in different courses of their choosing.

For more adventurous campers or thrill seekers, these climbing courses can be very attractive. They provide lasting and unique memories of the best summer ever. It goes without saying that safety is always the main concern. Installing a high-quality auto belay can provide fall protection that young campers need.

7. Tug of War

Do not confuse this kids’ version of the game with the more intense adult version. In this game, a hard rope isn’t used. Instead, a narrow rope is used which is made of materials that can’t harm your kids. Most kids love tug of war, especially those who enjoy physical activity.

This game is great as it maintains some distance between the opposing teams, which makes it less likely that children will get hurt. In addition, this game is a great way to exercise.

Bottom Line

All these summer camp ideas are incredible as they help with physical activity and mental stimulation. In addition, summer camps reinforce empowerment and independence and allow kids and adults to unleash their creativity.

  • Aug 16, 2018
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