One of the most scenic beach sites is in South Florida and camping out there is an experience that can make your summer a particularly memorable one. Cool breezes, breathtaking beaches, and the luxury of having your tent to camp out at some cool campsites on the coastal strip can prove to be a fun trip idea with your friends or family. Just make sure to keep certain things in mind before heading out to an adventure. The key is to always be well prepared for whatever you might be getting into. While part of the fun is to explore the unexpected and the spontaneity that comes with camping in general, certain pre-background checks and tips from other camping trips taken can really make your experience worthwhile. There are great camping spots and, like most trips, if you just plan it for the perfect time (end of June until mid-August), you will be able to avoid large bustling crowds and find relatively less people for beach camping in South Florida.

Find Your Campsite and Plan Needs Accordingly

If you want to keep your baggage to a bare minimum and plan on tent camping, the campsites are usually accommodating, but you will have to make sure you are prepared for the worst.  If you’re planning a family trip, go for a water, mildew, UV & heat resistant tent like the Family Explorer Basic which will keep you dry and safe in unfavorable weather conditions depending on the season you are going in.

Search online on the hundreds of campsites available to see which one appeals to you in terms of ease of accessibility and what kind of experience you are looking for. Reserve your campsite beforehand if possible to avoid a situation where you might have to abandon a camping trip all together! This will also give you an idea of what you should be expecting to pack for and whether your campsite allows you to bring your pets along or not. Make sure you ask for both, the prices of the tent campsites as well as RV sites. The latter tend to be more crowded and obviously take up more space. They are also slightly pricier but having your own heating and cooling facility might be worth the extra cost. It totally depends on your preference.

Pack the Essentials

Cater to the weather you are visiting in but make sure you have a source of way to provide yourself plenty of shade from the sun, which will shine brightly in the sunny state of Florida! In addition, you will need to pack your own cooler and make sure you have plenty of drinking water so you can stay hydrated. Have a bag of essentials with spare clothes ready because most campsites are further away from the main beach and may require a bit of a walk. To avoid going back and forth, keep a portable emergency kit handy. Also, pack plenty of ice in your cooler to keep your drinks cold.

Weather Forecast

Keeping a check on the weather to make sure there is no expected rainfall will give you an idea for what to pack. It is better and advisable to avoid a thunderstorm, but slight rainfall is easier to deal with because it won’t cause any damage to your tent and belongings. Keeping dry or being able to dry off quickly will be important to enjoy the experience because if you plan to camp out, you want to refrain from a wet or soggy tent.

Plan your shelter

The first thing you should be concerned about before planning a vacation is where you’re going to be staying. It is not just about sleeping but also about where you’re going to safely keep your belongings. There are always options for camping. Some people like to take R.V’s and spend time in it while others love to set up a tent. Always remember to decide which option you’ll enjoy better.

Prepare for bugs!

An essential packing item will be bug repellant because summertime especially attracts a lot of mosquitos and other bugs. If you keep your tent secure after sunset, you can avoid a night of buzzing and discomfort from unnecessary mosquito bites. Otherwise, keep a repellant handy to deal with the annoying insects or your trip can go upside down in a few minutes.

Research is important, with the information on your fingertips on the internet, you can easily search the best campsites, which suit your needs (and your wallet) and make a memorable adventurous trip. There are plenty of activities to do at the beach, you can book and make reservations beforehand, which will also help you with budgeting. Pack your own snacks and non-perishable meals to save spending too much on pricey touristy spots, which charge higher and can increase your trip cost like anything!  Moreover, make sure to check if alcohol is allowed at the beach and ensure that you have water stored with you so you do not dehydrate in the heat. Keep cool, apply plenty of sunscreens and have fun in the sun! Beach camping trips are fun and they should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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