If you are going on a hunting camping adventure, there are a lot of ideas for you to sink your teeth into. But, not every idea will meet your expectations, let alone exceed them. Having said this, there is no reason you shouldn’t try new things to enhance your experience like never before.

Whether you are new to hunting camping or not, just make sure you are fully capable of dealing with Mother Nature. If you are confident, the following 5 hunting camp ideas from White Duck Outdoors can make your next hunting trip the best adventure ever.

1.     Track your Prey with a Compass

If you are going to hunt any prey, be it from a treestand or otherwise, make sure you keep a compass handy.

Whether you have a rifle or a bow, these weapons will be of little use if you are unable to track your prey when injured. Once you take your shot, keep an eye on your compass to determine the last spot you located the prey in question. Then all you need to do is to track the injured animal via the compass bearing on the trail.

If you are wondering why you need to go through such a hassle, it is largely because it will increase your chances of recovery despite hunting in thick cover, or when terrible weather approaches.

2.     Be Silent and Deadly

While hunting, it is advisable that you remain silent at all times. The slightest bit of noise will scare away whatever you are hunting in the first place.

Most of the times you will not realize you are making a lot of noise by walking fast. To solve this problem, you should keep a half-filled Tic-Tac box in your pocket. This way, if you are moving too fast, the candies will jiggle, automatically causing you to slow down your pace before you lose your prey for good. After all, you would never want to start over from scratch again.

3.     Keep your First Aid Kit Dry

You never know when trouble might come your way, for which reason you need to be prepared for anything.

There could be instances where you may find yourself injured and hurt. If not for you, it could be anyone else from your group; if you are going with one that is. To prevent things from getting out of hand, make sure you have a first aid kit.

Owning a first aid kit is not going to be enough. Make sure its contents are dry. Gauze, bandages and other items will do you no favors if they are damp. Fortunately, this can be avoided by storing any and all first aid items in a plastic bag. For best results, use a vacuum sealed plastic bag. Not only will your first aid kit be dry, but it will take up less space in your backpack.

4.     Glow Sticks will Guide you Back to Camp

Believe it or not, glow sticks can be of great use while on a hunting camping adventure. Keep a few in your backpack so that you do not lose your way when it gets dark.

If you are on the prowl for an animal you have already shot, tie glow sticks to trees so that you can find your way back to the campsite when you are done. Remember to gather them on the way back though as they can come in handy again when you least expect it.

5.     Make Grunt Calls with Straws

If you are hunting deer specifically, you will be pleased to know you can get their attention with the help of a couple of straws.

How it works is that you need to tear two inches from one end of the wrapper and pull the straw out, no more than an inch. On the opposite end, poke a hole of two inches and insert the straw. At the end of the wrapper, fold the flapping end so that it stands vertical and blocks the end of the straw. Now, all you need to do is to suck air through the straw to make grunt calls.

If your contraption refuses to work, inhale with less force or move the flap further away from the end. However, if you are still unsuccessful, then you have done something wrong, and you should try again with a new straw.

Camping alone is an experience unlike any other, but when you add hunting to the mix, you are in for a treat. Do keep in mind though, nothing is as simple as it may seem. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, here are a couple of others you can also incorporate into your trip:

  • If you own a knife, add a fire starter to it.
  • Craft a mini saw with half a hacksaw attached to a piece of wood.
  • Forgot your binoculars? Use your smartphone to zoom in on the action.
  • Attach a key ring to your zippers to make them easier to use, especially in the cold.
  • Roll up fire logs with newspapers and soak them in water for use after a few days.
  • Use tablet containers to store your matches.

The list can go on and on, but what is important is you prepare well beforehand. If this is your first trip, take someone experienced with you to guide you. But if you are winging it, then leave no stone unturned when it comes to doing your homework.

All in all, you are now equipped to being your journey for your hunting camping adventure. Hopefully, you will have the time of your life, and will have tall tales to share with your friends or family when you are back home from the best adventure ever!

  • Aug 09, 2018
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