We live in an age when board games are also virtual so much so that when you talk to kids about playing Ludo or Carrom, the first thing they think of is a phone or tablet. Camping trips, however, are an opportunity to go on a digital detox while boosting family bonding. Board games during such trips not only help children get close to nature, but also boosts team building capabilities when the family comes together to easily setup a Canvas Tent.

Here are a few board games to carry along for your next camping trip:

  1. Taboo

We have all played it before, and when given a chance can’t say No to it. This game of unspeakable fun works best when children above 7 yrs of age are involved, adults can play it too! Give clues to your teammate without using the forbidden words and race against time to accomplish as many as you can. A Taboo board game is available on Amazon, but if you decide to go camping out of nowhere, is it not a brilliant idea to keep children a li’l worked up?

  1. Suspend by Melissa and Doug

Two dozen rods, a coloured die, frame rods, wooden connector- all you need to do is to have a good hand-eye co-ordination and an art of Balancing. Perfectly fine to bring along on a camping trip, with at least 4 players to make it fun. You’ll also need a flat surface to avoid any quarrels among teams. Available on Melissa and Doug official website.

  1. Castle Panic

Just the right game to play in a spacious camping tent. Players need to work as a team to rid the castle of monsters. A plus here is that Castle Panic is one board game that can be played solo on a camping trip.

  1. Bananagrams

Just Scrabble without the board. Square shaped letters are in a banana-shaped pouch, players need to form words just like in a Scrabble board. Available on Amazon.

  1. Scythe

For teenagers who have or wish to develop brilliant approach towards Engineering stuff, here’s a board game that involves revolution, war and engine building.

  1. Monopoly Marvel Avengers Edition

Our usual Monopoly with a twist- packed with Marvel heroes and villains. Only instead of dealing in properties players get to assemble their heroes, and engage in a battle if they land on a child of Thanos. Suitable for age 7 years and above, available on Amazon.

  1. Rat-A-Tat-Cat

A game of strategy and anticipation, players need to get rid of the Rat-cards and go for the Cat-cards. The lowest score wins. Now is that not a totally surprising game to take on a family camping trip.Available on Amazon.

  1. Beat the parents

Group Camping this vacation? Here is your chance to ask away whatever you have been wanting to know about one another. You answer to move a block, whoever crosses the board first, can be played by multiple families.

  1. Jenga

Yes, it sounds something too slow to play inside a camping tent, but if you are someone with a toddler not more than 5 yrs old, this could be the perfect game to engage them for a balancing game.

  1. Guess Who

Involving two players, Guess Who is our very old board game where players try to guess the opponent’s mystery character following the process of elimination. Simple, yet entertaining Guess Who is just the right game to set the tempo right around a camping table.

  1. Gobblet!

Taking inspiration from the famous Harry Potter movies, this all wooden game is similar to Tic Tac Toe, but takes some skill to master. Line up four pieces in a row and win. A challenging entertainer for the whole family, it is apt to get a feeling of the wizarding world in a comfortable tent with fire lit in the stove jack.

  1. Tigers and Goats by Ancient Living

Corner the Tiger is a hunt game that involves two players. It’s a fight for supremacy between the hunter and hunted. Just imagine the thrill your children would feel in the middle of a large, protective tent at a camping site.Available on Amazon.

  1. Google Eyes Board game

Involve your family in some fun experience with the vision-altering Google eye glasses. These glasses come in three pairs, wherein you can choose your vision to be mildly distorted or mind-blowing! So just put them on and start Drawing. Suitable for all ages, he who reaches Finish first, wins. Easily available on Amazon.

  1. Goliath Tick Tock Boom

Player is to draw a card, say a word that contains letters and pass the Bomb. The nest player is to repeat the same and so on- all of this before the bomb explodes for each turn. The one with least number of cards, wins!

  1. Forbidden Island

You need to mentally prepare the kids for this game. A team of fearless, adventure-loving people go on to capture four sacred treasures from theruin of a palace which is on a Forbidden island. For age 10 and above, this board game involves a great deal of strategizing and problem-solving.

Hopefully, we have got you covered to pick a board game for your next camping trip. We also wish to have your back when it comes to the most essential part of a camping trip- Canvas Tents.Visit our website whiteduckoutdoors.com for more.

  • May 14, 2020
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